Recap Of The First 25 Days Of Parental Leave


So many memories, so many experiences and it has only been 25 days of parental leave. It kind of feels like 50 days to be honest. But in a good way.

My first five weeks of parental leave have gone pretty much how I expected. The only thing I did not count on was how tired I would be. I had planned on doing a lot of little projects while on PL (this blog being one) but to be honest, most days, when I do get free time, I just want to sit on the couch and rest.

I have had to push myself to do more. More around the house, more on my online projects and more when it comes to taking care of myself. I would say I am doing pretty good for at least three days per week. But once Friday hits, it seems to be a total write off.

I also have to remind myself that it is okay to be tired and to just relax. Taking care of a baby is tiring work, both mentally and physically. If anyone tells you different, they are not doing it right, or at least not enough.

I have had the chance to spend several hours every day with my baby boy. I have seen him learn to sleep in his crib, sit upright, eat solid food and watch him deal with incoming teeth.

With our first son, I saw all that as well but only in spurts. I was not there to see the “firsts” and I know my wife hates missing those this time around.

I will be here when he crawls and maybe even walks. It is very exciting and I feel lucky that I can do it.

Have you been following the daily posts of parental leave? I have received many comments and feedback from those who are. It really adds fuel to the fire to keep my going and to keep pushing through those tired days. I truly enjoy sharing it with you and I hope I can be an inspiration to other dads to take the journey if they can.

You will learn not only about your little guy or girl, but you will learn a lot about yourself that you may not have already known.

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