Day 22: The Return Of Sophie

Well this post is a little delayed thanks to this day getting a case of the tired Wednesday’s. Yes, I am aware it is now Thursday, but such is life. At least I am making the effort to keep the streak going.

So Day 22. It was one of the more tiring days of the whole adventure (so far). To avoid tiring you out from reading it, I am going to switch to the classic bullet form.

Here goes Wednesday:

  • Every one of Charlie’s diapers on this day, was a pooper.
  • Still annoyed at my tax reassessment from day earlier.
  • I took two tired and cranky boys to the Passport office.
  • I drove part of the way home without Charlie buckled in his seat.
  • It was borderline summer out and the hose was not working right.
  • Once hose was working, Harry watered the neighbourhood and the car a little.
  • Finally found a box in the garage that was missing for months (read below for more).
  • Changed the porch light.
  • Made nachos for dinner.
  • Went up and down the stairs five times during Harry going to bed. Best excuse – “a hair fell on the floor and I wanted to tell you.”
  • Watched Survivor and Modern Family.
  • Fell asleep on couch.

Those were just the highlights.

Back to the missing box.

For months now we have been searching the house for a box that we knew existed. The main prize in the box, the jolly jumper. Charlie has been ready for it for a few weeks and we did not want to shell out another $50 for one. I knew we had it. I just could not find it.

Finally with nice weather, I was able to really did into the garage. Then way up on one of the top shelves, I found the box. So many treasures in there for Charlie that used to belong to Harry.

Other than the jolly jumper, we found Sophie the Giraffe.

Sophie was one of Harry’s go-to toys and already in less than a day, Charlie is now in love.

It was a tiring day. The Passport office trip really did a number on me. I applaud single parents more and more when I try to take care of simple chores like that.

Anyways, another day down. A month in and still loving it.

Also of note, I am going to start posting all the daily photos on the Facebook page and Instagram page. You are invited to subscribe to both.


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