Day 25: Go Leafs Go?

day25-1This post is written after the fact, I know the Leafs lost. Just pretend they did not yet.

Ah Day 25. Monday’s are always interesting as my wife heads back to work after a fun weekend and it is just me and the boys once again.

The good news, the weather has finally turned into spring and that means outside time. There is nothing like outside time when you are trying to entertain a 3-year old. There are so many great options, new adventures and fresh air, that it not only keeps him happy, it tires him out like nothing else.

As for the 7-month old, the same can’t be said. He just sits in a stroller watching all the fun he could be having.

Based on yesterday, the fresh air certainly did not tire out Charlie.

While Harrison slept like a log, Charlie fussed and cried and did not sleep that great. He may have another tooth movement, or maybe he just does not want to miss the sunshine. Whatever the case, it made for a quiet afternoon for me as I could not get much done without worry of waking the little guy (when he actually did doze off).

Earlier in the day, we hit up Walmart for a few things. The highlight was a night light for the bathroom. This week is another big transition in our house.

It was almost a year ago that we toilet trained Harry, but he has always still worn “night times” for bed. It was just easier for everyone. He is dry in the morning half the time so we decided as the pack of “night times” was running out, that we were going to make the move for no more protection for Harry. He will be starting just PJ’s this week.

So, I told him I would get him a night light so he could get up in the night to go pee and be able to see where he was. That was a pretty big deal to him.

We shall see how it all unfolds.

After Walmart, we hit up the park to enjoy the sunshine. Busy place yesterday, so we did not stay that long.

Wondering about the Leafs? I will get to it.

After naps, we went outside again and Harry rode his bike while I walked Charlie in the stroller. Harry is still sticking to his 3-wheeler as it is easier for me with the baby. But he is getting very strong on his pedaling, so that will help when we have more time to practice on the 2-wheeler.

Once my wife was home, we had dinner, played and put the boys to bed.

Then I did something I have not done in a while. I went out – after 8pm. Crazy.

I went to a friend’s house to watch the Leafs. Now, I don’t really care about the Maple Leafs, but our friend is leaving for China for several weeks and it would be my last chance to see him before he goes. So I went.

Spoiler alert, the Leafs lost.

It was a fun evening and I was home pretty late, hence why I am writing this post today.

Okay, will leave the rest for Day 26.