Day 26: It Is Hard Being A 7-Month Old


Today was a beautiful day in Halifax. You know how I know? I saw it out of the window as I was lying in bed with a 20-pound 7-month old passed out on me. Oh well, it could have been worse right?

Today was the second rough day in a row for Charlie and his afternoon nap. Due to his red cheeks and the fact that he had a blanket stuffed in his mouth, it is a safe bet there are more teeth on the move. Poor guy. He has been so tired lately and the mouth is not letting him get comfy.

Luckily, laying on dad seems to do the trick. So that is what I did between 2 and 4 pm today. I won’t lie. It was cozy. Plus I had my phone, so I got a lot of tweeting, angry birds and instagramming in. How did our parents ever do it? Did they just think? Crazy.

I had to go and get Charlie twice during nap to calm him down. The first time, he was almost 180 degrees turned in the crib from where I put him. The boy can move.

Normally, we let him cry it out and put himself to sleep but when he gets worked up like that, he needs help calming down. I can only imagine how it feels to have little teeth moving inside your mouth. Ouch.


That was the only rough patch of the day. The rest was pretty typical. Nice dog walk on the trail. Lunch. Playing outside after nap with Harry. Yep, it is great being home with the boys.

Today when we got home from picking Harry up at school, he went right in the garage and hopped up on his big-boy bike and was off. A few weeks ago he did not like it and hated the idea of pedaling. Now he is Tour De France ready it seems. Pedaling on the sidewalk back and forth like he was born on a bike.

So that is very promising. I bet we can have those trainers off by end of summer.

I also managed to get some much-needed cleaning done at least on the upper floor. Dust, empty boxes and laundry were the main wins.

Charlie is down for the night and so is this blog post.

See you tomorrow.