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Michael Cusden is a Toronto-based digital marketing professional with a notable presence in both his professional and personal life. He has over 14 years of experience in the marketing field and currently works as a Freelance Marketing Consultant.

His professional expertise is highlighted by his active engagement on platforms like LinkedIn, where he shares insights and engages with content relevant to his field.

In his personal life, Michael is a dedicated father to two boys and is married. He is recognized for his blog, Like A Dad, where he shares his experiences and insights into fatherhood. This blog reflects a modern approach to parenting, showcasing his hands-on involvement with his children and his desire to be deeply engaged in their lives. This approach to fatherhood is a departure from previous generations, as Michael himself notes the contrast between his own parenting style and that of his father.

Michael’s commitment to his family is also evident in his advocacy for parental rights and benefits. He has been vocal about the challenges faced by parents, particularly in the context of delays in receiving pandemic-related benefit payments for his children.

This advocacy underscores his broader commitment to addressing issues that affect families and children.

Beyond his professional and family life, Michael has a range of personal interests that he shares publicly. He is an avid user of the Big Green Egg, a popular cooking appliance, which suggests an interest in cooking and BBQ.

Additionally, he is a fan of the Toronto Raptors, indicating an enthusiasm for basketball and local sportsMichael Cusden’s online presence, through his professional achievements and personal interests, paints a picture of a multifaceted individual who balances a successful career in marketing with a deeply involved approach to parenting and a rich personal life.

Being a dad is the greatest gift, job, task, goal, role or journey a guy can take on in life. There is nothing like being a dad (and having a dad blog).

The Family

As you read this blog, you will hear mentions of four main characters. Myself, my wife and the two boys. I may forget to really introduce any of us and use nicknames or other references. This page is your guide.

Dad/Me – Michael: Marketing guy who loves to blog about sports and cooking. Living in Toronto, Canada. 

Mom/Wife – Katie: A fundraising machine who would rather colour on a tablet than paper. Also living in Toronto, Canada. Same house in fact.

Boy 1/Harry: Born in 2009, Harry was the initial project of parenting. We got all of our mistakes out of the way so we were ready for the second. Harry loves Harry Potter (go figure) and is a natural caregiver in waiting.

Boy 2/Charlie: Born in 2012, Charlie is a constant ball of entertainment. Dancing, laughing, and always plotting. I recommend having a strong password on your devices if he is around. 

Sites Like a Dad has contributed to

Dads Round Table

HRM Parent

Good Men Project

My Story

My wife and I met in Toronto in 2004 and it has been a wild ride ever since. Our path took us to Halifax, Nova Scotia where we became car owners, parents, home owners and husband and wife. in that order. We have since relocated back to Ontario (Toronto) and became homeowners again. 

Our boys will be Haligonians forever, but we reached a point where home started calling. Our extended family became something we needed to surround the kids with. No more being a plane ride away from everyone. We had to go home.

We packed it all up and made the long drive to Toronto in 2014, 10 years after meeting in……well yep. Toronto.

Now we are living life and seeing Toronto through parenting eyes and it is a whole new world. Toronto has been an amazing city to raise kids in. Yes it is busy, loud and expensive, but the experiences and opportunities that are now available, make up for it.

Since the move, we have had so many experiences. A new car, a few hospital trips, change in jobs, the Raptors winning the chip as so many more that I hope to capture on this blog. Thankfully my Instagram feed does a great job of archiving history. Just scrolling back through the images makes me very happy. 

So that is our family in a page. Thank you for joining us on the adventure.

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