All things come to an end

Well that was a dramatic title. No the blog is not over.

What I am referring to is how yesterday was the first weekday this year where I did not file a post. I opened up the screen and nothing. Nothing came to mind. Nothing seemed interesting to write about. I scanned Twitter, which is usually my idea generator, had nothing of note. I think we are all tired of Taylor and Travis.

So I thought about the streak. I thought about how I had written 500 words every weekday since 2024 started. I really tried, but all that was going to come out would feel very forced and the whole point of what I am doing is to not force it.

Why I am not enjoying the Toronto Raptors anymore

Pretty bold way to start a Thursday right? Hope you have had your coffee. I’ve been holding back some feelings. As we near today’s trade deadline at 3pm EST, I am hopeful that we have some clarity on what this team is and will become. Because, watching what the current product is as a whole from on the court, to the broadcast and even the social media discourse, has become unenjoyable.

Let’s start with the actual team. In the past several months, any remnants of the 2019 title team has been removed. No more FVV, no more OG and no more Pascal. It’s clear how much we miss those guys due to how much we now focus on the Houston Rockets, New York Knicks and Indiana Pacers. FVV, OG and Pascal became part of the family.

At least in our household, we talked about them like we knew them.

A reminder that cooking isn’t always easy

I like to cook. I have felt that way ever since I was out of school and on my own. Being in the kitchen is a happy place of mine.

I don’t pretend to be any type of chef, but I think I can hold my own for many recipes and dishes.

To me cooking is all about getting in your reps. A lot of doing the same technique or dish to over and over to get better each time. I don’t think a dish ever reaches perfection, but you can get it close.

Struggling to keep our plants alive

Well today is the day. The first time in over a month where I have pulled up WordPress and stared at this screen for more than a few minutes.

I have nothing trying to jump out of my brain. No hot opinions. Nothing entertaining to share. So what do I do?

I could just close the tab and move on with my day, but then my streak is broken. And I am a sucker for keeping a streak alive.

So I am basically writing my way into a topic. So stick with me. The weather in Toronto has been very mild considering there are other parts of Canada buried in snow. I mean buried. Go check out the photos from Cape Breton.

I have a podcast on in the background. NBA talking heads going on about the NBA trade deadline. This is pretty boring as it’s usually all talk, no action. The Toronto Raptors are a sad mess. Maybe they tear down the team even more. Nothing there.

Do we need a National news program anymore?

This may make me sound really old but I watch the news on TV every night. In our house it has been what we do for many years. 10pm-11pm, we watch the National news and then the local news.

Currently we are in the habit of watching the CTV National news at 10pm instead of waiting until 11pm (which we used to do when 11pm wasn’t so hard).

But over the last year or so, we find ourselves looking at each other and saying – is this even news anymore?

Happy house anniversary again

Every January 30th is a small celebration for us. It’s the day in 2016, that we moved into our current house. Our Toronto home that we never imagined we would find. Its the day that we reflect on how much we have enjoyed it and how much our family has grown. You remember the new furniture. You remember figuring out how things worked. You remember planning where everything was going to go.

Every January 30th, I do take a few moments to remember a lot of these things. What always jumps out to me is how lucky we were to get the house in the first place. So many things went our way to make it happen. The right place. The right time. It could have gone so different.

Even just a year later, I don’t know if we could have been able to do it. With the housing market and just how expensive things became, we scored.