Do your kids want to spend time with you?

Leave it to the platform formerly known as Twitter to spark a debate among parents. It’s kind of what it’s there for. You throw out your thought or opinion, and hundred to thousands of people weigh in on what you said with their thoughts and opinions. Arguments happen. Things go sideways and before you know it, the argument is not even about the original topic anymore.

So why do I read these threads? I find it a little entertaining to see just how silly it gets. But every now and then there is a thread that shares a lot of solid thoughts.

Take this one for example I read today:

Parent corner: Being patient with teens

Not to steal from the great Bill Simmons, but I wanted to start my own parent corner of sorts. This blog started over 10 years ago based on the day-to-day of having little kids. Well, those kids got bigger and the entire parenting landscape changes once they are over 10.

It especially changes once they hit the teen years and for myself (and wife), this land of having a young adult is all very new.

And after a few years in, one thing for me anyways, is that I am learning to be patient. I am learning to ignore the voice in my head to help them figure it all out. I’m ignoring that skill you developed as a parent of young kids – you know, trying to stay ahead of any and all problems.

A Pascal Siakim appreciation post

Well it happened. Like I mentioned yesterday, it felt like the time was coming. The Toronto Raptors finally pulled the trigger on a Pascal Siakim deal. He’s off to the Indiana Pacers for a less than thrilling haul of stuff. The 2019 championship team is gone. It’s really hard to believe.

So before I start to welcome Bruce Brown Jr. (if he isn’t traded again) and start to wonder who these first round picks can become, I want to focus on Pascal.

One of the truly wonderful stories, not only for the Raptors, but for basketball.

So long to the NBA champion Toronto Raptors

Despite my wife saying it’s been in a the news for weeks and weeks, it seems the trading of Pascal Siakim is finally here. It could be today or this week is my feeling.

When it actually does happen, that will be the end of the 2019 title team. All the players will be gone. The coach is gone. I guess the only pieces left are the executive team that built it all. Oh and We The North.

It’s hard to believe that in less than 5 years, it will all be gone and to be honest, the team has declined quite a bit since.

Now, things have looked a little better as of late with the trade for IQ and RJ, but still, look at what the team was in 2019. It was a perfect team. I think it gets overlooked at just how complete a team it was.

Better Call Saul never won an Emmy

Did you watch the Emmy’s last night? Probably not. We did. It wasn’t a bad show. There were some funny moments, a lot of TV nostalgia and zero surprises on who won in the end. Some of the categories seemed so telegraphed on who they wanted to win.

I read this morning that it was a confusing show because it was 4 months later than normal due to various strikes, and the submission window went all the way back to the summer of 2022.

Black Bird and Obi Wan were nominated.

The other part I don’t get about the Emmy’s is how a show gets nominated. Because based on last night, there were only like 9 shows on TV over the last year and a half.