Toronto has large squirrels

Where I sit each day at my computer, overlooks our backyard. I can see trains, the newly built condo behind us, a lot of trees and finally – squirrels. So many squirrels. Our backyard is like the Dundas Square (soon to be renamed) of squirrels.

But what I find myself noticing more and more, is not the amount of squirrels, but the size of these damn beasts.

Finally some snow in Toronto

For those who were wanting a white Christmas, it finally came in Toronto, many days after the holiday. That’s fine by me. Snow isn’t as fun as it used to be. My only real want for the white powder is that it means the seasons are still what they are supposed to be. It means the world is doing what it’s supposed to. No snow kind of says that the climate is truly changing.

Ottawa for example has had one of the mildest winters so far and it’s an ongoing story if the Rideau Canal will freeze enough this year for skating.

How has bacon packaging never improved?

Looking around the house, so many things have improved over the years to make life better. Everything is “smart” now. From the thermostat, the toaster and many gadgets in the kitchen. Innovation doesn’t stop. If you compare everyday items to when you were a kid, for the most part, those items are better or improved.

But not for one thing that I just don’t understand. How bacon is packaged. You know, the plastic package that bacon is wrapped in. Once you cut it, you then have to get creative on how you seal it up for the next time. Unless you use up an entire package in one go. That by the way is getting easier as amounts continue to decrease thanks to shrinkflation.

The Raptors have changed Quickley

Good morning, the sun is shining and the entire mood has changed when it comes to the Toronto Raptors. It was only a few days ago where the rug was pulled out, not only in saying goodbye to OG, but that loss to the lowly Detroit Pistons. What a difference the changing of the calendar has brought.

The entire vibe has changed. There is juice in the building. The Raptors are back? All because of a trade that has balanced the roster and given the team what looks like a new identity.

The new year ahead

Welcome to 2024 everyone. It’s day 2 and I have aleady fallen behind on something I wanted to try out. That would be to try and write at least 500 words every day. Not focusing on clicks, or topics that will get clicks, or creating conversation or engagement. Just writing for the fun of writing. Like I did many years ago. Funny enough, writing for just fun pushed me into a career where it was about engagement, clicks and trying to stratigize what Google wanted to see. I think that is what kind of killed the buzz.

It really was about a daily journal to cut down on phone calls as I did not really like phone calls with family and friends. Posting about what I was up to was much easier. It was also before it was a thing to share everything on social media. Just like the boomerang of writing, to not writing, to writing again, social media is starting to go away from oversharing (at least that’s what I think). Sure there are endless amounts of influencers on Tik Tok and Instagram showing off their literal boring days and what they are cooking, but if you look at Facebook for example, your parents, aunts, highschool friends etc. are not sharing much anymore. Or at least what it was like several years ago.

My Favourite TV Shows of 2023

Succession was one of my favourite TV Shows of 2023.

Recently my wife was commenting on the fact that I have not added a post to Like a Dad in a long time. It’s true. I don’t think about it anymore and I forget how much fun it can be to write something. Every now and then I think about a topic that would work and then I just don’t write.

So, to get something up before the end of the year I needed a topic that was pretty easy to put together, but also one I have a lot of thoughts on.

Then I started seeing the top lists of 2023 start to surface. Of course, that’s an easy one to do. A look back at the year that was. But since I don’t really see that many movies, or have any idea what new music is, I knew there was only one source for a very detailed list.

TV shows.