Day 15: I Know The Treehouse Schedule Too Well

day15-4A new week, same old dad. Another day on the PL over here and all I can see is, I am becoming quiet comfortable with the stay-at-home life. Nothing has changed in terms of ease etc. but I have the daily routines down pretty good. The boys throw the occasional curve ball my way but mostly at night.

The weekend was a fun one with my wife’s birthday. That meant a lot of activities and good eating. It felt like it took an extra day just to digest and recover.

It did not get off to a great start for those who like sleep. Harry woke up just before 1am and wanted to get into bed with us. He stayed briefly before I put him back to bed but of course I was up waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Then the other shoe did drop and that meant an awake Charlie. He started fussing around 4:45am. I got to him pretty quick and he actually went back to sleep on me. Sadly, I could not convert on the transfer to the crib. He was having none of that.

So off to the basement we went because I was not feeding him.

We had a good two hours on the couch. He slept, I did not. Oh well, back on schedule and up at 7am.

The rest of the day was the usual balance of keeping both boys entertained. The days when Harry is home, I take advantage of Treehouse TV so I can have breakfast and a shower while Charlie naps.

I know the schedule well now. Thomas at 8:30am and Mike the Knight at 9am. I actually like Mike the Knight and watch it with Harry before Charlie wakes up.

We did a walk, played soccer, watched a movie, had naps and survived until Mom got home from work.

Then I got to Big Green Egg some dinner. Perfect end to the day.

The only challenge of the day once again was working with Harry on his patience. He gets so frustrated when he can’t do what he wants, when he wants. But we will get there.

At least the sun was out all day and spring is finally starting to show up.