Day 8: Preparing For A Royal Visit

My parents and Harry in Toronto, summer 2012.

Good afternoon, how is it going with you? Over here, I just finished with a decent house cleaning as we are preparing for a Royal Visit. My parents are flying in tonight and that means I won’t be online for a daily wrap. I will add more to this post as well as photos when I get the chance.

So far today, the theme has been sleep and a lot of it. I am referring to the baby of course. He slept all night and past 7am which was excellent.

Then he had a long morning snooze and by 1 pm he was ready for more. He must be growing or something. Anyways it has given me a lot of time to take care of a few things that have been piling up.

The sun came out early, so we did manage to get outside for a walk and it was great. I think that was the first time Charlie really got to bask in the warm sun. Yes he was squinting, but I don’t think he hated it.

You can see buds on the trees and the grass has turned green almost over night. Hard to believe there is a winter storm coming from Ontario.

And I don’t mean my parents (zing).

No, hopefully they have an uneventful day of travel from Sarnia, Ontario. They were taking the train to TO and then Flying Porter out to Halifax.

I am going to take Harry to the airport later to pick them up, assuming there are no delays or cancellations.

This is my parents first visit since Charlie was born, so it will be great to watch them all bond. Harry is pretty excited too as there will be new people to read him books.

There will be laughs, good eating and a lot of family time. It really helps that I am not at work and can spend all this extra time with them.

So like I said, I will update the post later on, but so far it has been a pretty easy day of taking care of business and letting the baby boy sleep.

Update: The airport was fun.