Day 4 – If I Were A Wrestler My Winning Move Would Be The Sleeper

day4Good afternoon to those taking the time to follow my journey through stay-at-home parenthood. It is Friday and that means my first week is almost over, even if it was a short week.

My brain is a bit mushy this afternoon and I really should be napping, but the readers want what they want. So I am writing from the top floor of Red Fern Towers. Charlie is off in dreamland, hopefully thinking to himself, man that Dad guy, he has it going on.

Today has been pretty easy and boring but that is okay because it started early, 4:45 am early. Remember yesterday when I said we got Charlie down to five bottles again? Well I think he missed it because he woke up in the middle of the night looking for a little something, something to fill his belly.

As the home parent now, I was on duty and after getting woken up by my wife (who is always on duty I think), I was off to see what was up. For a brief moment I thought I was going to pull off the magic trip of the year and get the baby back to sleep without a bottle. He tricked me and just when I was feeling pretty good, he unleashed his fury.

Before it woke up the whole house I was off to get the bottle. I gotta say, making a bottle in the dark with one hand is a skill I may put on my resume one day.

So the bottle was down, but not the baby. He was soaked and changing his diaper meant turning on the light. I tried to avoid it but he was like a mop after washing up the floor.

So light on, baby did the WTF face and we were back to square one. No crib for this guy. With a dry bum and a new look on life, I took Charlie to the basement where we would hopefully keep the noise down and maybe, just maybe go to sleep.

Guess what? My shoulder is becoming a bit of a closer that even the Blue Jays would value. For the last few days, my shoulder has been lights out for Charlie.

It happened again. We got under the blanket, he played out his little dinosaur noises he does and he was out. Sadly, I did not sleep at all. I was not comfortable and the cat was pacing for two hours on the floor above me.

Oh well, a sleeping baby was the goal.

So that has made for a very lazy day, but a very routine day. My shoulder got the baby a few more times and now I am having some time to myself to catch up on stuff.

Dinner is planned for tonight and everything is golden. Week 1 almost done, at least alone parenting wise and I have to say I have done pretty well.

My brain is really working overtime on ideas for this blog, my other blogs and even some actual work I want to do for my day job. It is amazing what you can think of when your mind has time to rest and think.

Now if only the weather would warm up. Okay, time for an afternoon tea before we have to go and get Harrison at school later.

Cheers to the weekend if there is no evening update tonight.