Trains, Planes And Automobiles: The Aviation Museum Hobby Show

like a dad

For all those parents in the Halifax region, it can be hard to come up with new and fun things to do with your kids on a Sunday morning. Stores don’t open until noon and if the weather is bad, it can really limit your options.

Well, I have started reading HRM Parent’s weekend wrap post and this time around they featured a real winner.

The 15th Annual Hobby Show at the Aviation Museum in Shearwater.

It featured Lego displays, model trains, aircraft, vehicles, ships & automobiles and much more. Basically as Katie called it, it was Harrison’s Nirvana. After reading the website, we knew it was a must for our little Mighty Machine lover.

Plus it would only cost us $10 for the whole crew to go. Can’t really beat that.

So we packed up the car and headed to Shearwater, where neither Katie or I had ever been to. Sure we have been to Eastern Passage a lot but we always turn right to go to Cheese Curds. Today we went left.

The first piece of advice I can give you before you head to Shearwater on a Sunday morning – take cash. The museum did not have Interact and it was really hard to find somewhere that had an ATM.

Okay, after getting money, we were in. I also think we heard Harry’s head explode once he saw the inside. There were real-life planes, flying model planes, trains, bots, toys of all kinds and Lego exhibits. He had no idea where to look first.

We spent probably 90 minutes there and he was still looking around. I would have to say the model trains were his favourite. Just watching them go around and around. He could do that all day.

I got a kick out of how serious the men doing the driving were taking it. They were guarding those controls like they had the key to nuclear weapons.

We also got a kick out of how nervous little kids made them. Harry was good and did not touch a thing but you could tell, those guys had been through some rough times with children touching their toys.

I also learned there were organizations, clubs and secret societies for everything hobby. I don’t see myself joining.

There were the Trekkies and the Hal-Con guys there too. A little early on a Sunday to see grown men dressed up in video game outfits.

But it was a home run in terms of activities for kids. I highly recommend the museum and the hobby show to parents. Sure you have to go to Shearwater, but it is worth the drive.

We were concerned about our exit strategy because most 3-year olds don’t like to leave the best place on earth. Thankfully it was smooth.

An older gentleman at one of the booths gave Harry a free car to take home. It made his day and made it easy for us to leave. Perfect ending.

Thanks HRM Parent for pointing this out to us.