What TV shows I am watching right now

Happy day after Family Day. It’s back to the normal grind for most after a long weekend of family activities, the usual weekend stuff, and catching up on TV shows.

While things were looking pretty empty for a few weeks, the TV show library is starting to pick up the pace again.

The streamers are starting to release new shows on the regular after the various strikes from last year slowed everything down.

Here’s what I have been watching in 2024 so far.

Getting to know ChatGPT

Good morning all, happy Thursday. It’s the day before an extra long weekend in our house. PA Day tomorrow and Family Day on Monday. So that gives today a bit of a Friday feel.

For today’s post I wanted to share with you my learnings of using ChatGPT, the AI tool that is taking over the world.

In the early days I used to mostly for playing around and testing what it could do. Writing silly emails to friends and seeing what it would say when you asked it subjective questions.

It’s been a huge help in resume creation and cover letter writing as well as kick starting some idea generation.

I still think it’s pretty obvious when you read it that a computer created it, but it’s getting better.

Why did Apple add a new Journal app to my phone?

So last night my iPhone updated. No big deal right. Usually it’s about a securty patch and there is nothing really different after the fact.

But this morning I noticed a new app on my phone that I did not download. It’s called Journal.

I did not continue that far, but it looks like it’s a place to write about your day and add photos.

Really? In 2024, the big update to our phone is an app to help you journal? Are there not enough places to share about yourself, document your life and just write your thoughts? Really Apple?

#WealthSimple: Keep Calm & Carry On

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In early 2018, I finally gave in to all the ads where a young person talks about their thoughts and worries about saving money while a beep bop tune plays in the background. The ads were for WealthSimple, an online platform to make saving for retirement easier. I knew you have heard of it.


I like tucking away money for the future. I like online platforms that make things easier. I like bread and butter.

Then one day at work, coworkers were talking about it and the success they were having compared to a person managing their savings and that’s all it took. I finally decided to give it a try.

I have become a huge fan of WealthSimple because of its simplicity. Hence the simple in their name. Duh. But it’s 100% the truth.

A Netflix Year in Review – The Best & Worst of Binge-Watching

2017 in review

Happy holidays. Happy year end. Happy binge-watching.

You know what’s great about having your own blog? You can write whatever you want and rank things in the exact order you want. No group or team to please. No algorythms to follow. Just what I think.

With 2017 coming to an end, I thought it would be fun to look back at my Netflix viewing history and rank the 10 best things I watched over the past 12 months.

As a member of the Netflix Canada #StreamTeam it’s easy to get buried in kid’s programming and what I should be looking out for as a parent.

But let’s be real. Every parent needs their own time and their own shows to binge-watch when that precious amount of time becomes present. As you all know, time to watch TV can be a real battle, so Netflix has been a God Send for creating your own viewing schedule. No waiting a week for the next episode. How did parents of previous generations do it?

So, let’s stop with the formalities and get to the year in review and of course my overall Top 10 rankings.