Netflix What Have You Done? Bring Back Mighty Machines!

Update on Oct. 31, 2014

I guess Netflix USA has also removed Mighty Machines. What is going on with the world?


For the new-age parents who get to enjoy the power of technology to engage, babysit or entertain your kids, you begin to really rely on it.

My parents did not have computer, tablets, Internet or anything of the like. They had to use their brains to come up with new ideas to keep the kids from burning the house down.

So with relying on something like Netflix, comes the quick realization that one day, they could really burn you.

Our 3-year old, LOVES Mighty Machines. He knows the theme song, he knows the episode titles, he knows the name of the guy narrating the shows. So, you can imagine our dismay when the other day we went to look for it, and the show was GONE.

Completely wiped out of the database like it never existed. Before I go on, I want to clarify this is the Canadian Netflix. So for all of you lucky US users who have a way better setup, just humour me please.

Now, the good news is, we don’t let Harry watch “entertainment” shows or cartoons during the week. He is pretty much limited to Sesame Street, which is okay because he loves it.

But the weekends, it is a free-for-all on Netflix. The go-to show, Mighty Machines.

So what are we going to do this Saturday? Lie and say the show never existed? Hmmm that won’t work.

We can only hold him off with other shows for so long. He is gonna want his fix. If you could only hear how he sings the theme song with a Southern drawl, you would know this kid is a MM addict.

The only thing I have figured out so far is there are a few full length episodes on YouTube. But again, that is only a bandaid.

Oh Netflix, what have you done?

There are at least 4,000 other shows on there that nobody is watching. Can’t you clean those out first?

Anyways, I have tweeted them and had no reply.

This weekend is going to get ugly. We are going to have to go find a construction site and narrate what they are doing.

What shows would your kids just die to lose? Let us know on Facebook or in the comments below.


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  2. We just discovered this travesty yesterday afternoon when the kids began begging to watch Mighty Machines again. What’s a parent to do?

  3. My wife and I signed up with so we can access the US Netflix (and, really, any other country) selections. It’s only $5 a month and we’ve found it worth the money. Now that I know Netflix Canada doesn’t have Mighty Machines the Unblock Us service is really worth it!

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