Day 24: Somebody Get Me Jack Bauer

No, no, I don’t actually need Jack Bauer to save the day for me, I just think of him anytime I see the number 24.

Today was a Friday, so that meant, end of the week, time to regroup and welcome mom back to the fold.

This day was even better because she got the afternoon off. Huzzah. More mom time for Charlie. Harry was at preschool.

That meant a pretty quiet afternoon for this day. My wife and Charlie had long afternoon naps and I caught up on House of Cards. We watched the first four episodes so long ago, I needed a refresher before moving forward.

This evening, my wife got two tickets to the Halifax Mooseheads playoff game through work. So she took Harry. Right now they are sitting in the Chronicle Herald box and I  am at home with Charlie. He is off to sleep and I am going to have a lazy Friday night.

So on this Friday, very little to report from the parenting side of things.

Other highlights:

  • We seem to have a duo of hawks or eagles out back in the marsh. They were fishing for lunch today. What big birds.
  • Moved to the next level of Angry Birds Star Wars.
  • Ordered pizza for dinner.
  • Got some good feedback on my guest post.
  • Got spit up on at least 16 times.
  • Finally it was Charlie’s 7-month birthday!

Hope you all have a great night.