Day 14: Manhunts, Baseball Hats And Hiding Veg

day14-1Whoa boy, this is going to be a short post to end the week. It has been a long day with the wife still out on the town. She went to a play with some friends, so it was a dad dinner and double bedtime night. All done.

Most of today was spent watching or listening to the news out of Boston. We have friends who live in Belmont, not that far from Watertown. So it was great to hear they were okay. Bored, but okay.

The story has been crazy to follow and as I write this post, it might be coming to anΒ end. At least for “white cap” and his run from the law.

What have we really learned today?

24 hour news is painful. There are a lot of “experts” on TV today who clearly did not know shit. All they are doing is watching what we see, reading what we read and then speculating. It is bad, bad television.

The CBC guy basically was referring to movie scripts I think.

Other than that, pretty quiet day.

The sun was out when it was time to go and get Harry at school, so we dug out the hat box. Sure enough, Harry’s old Duke hat fits Charlie. That started a hat party with the boys. It was funny.

See the photos for yourself.

For dinner, I decided to go into stealth mode and try to slip Harry some veg. I blending carrot into the spaghetti sauce. He ate some but said it looked weird. Can’t fool this kid.

Anyways, I am tired. Another week in the books for this guy on P-Leave. Enjoy the pictures on Facebook and have a great weekend.

Worth another look – The Boys