Day 13: Rewarded Myself With A Movie

day13Good evening, I am sitting here in the dark with the hum of the laptop keeping the house from being totally silent. Yep, boys are in bed and it is time to reflect on another day of parental leave.

It has been over two weeks now and I am really getting into the routine. Thursday and Friday it is just Charlie, so it makes it easy to have a quiet and relaxed day. I mean, he does not say much (yet).

Today was pretty routine although the dog walk today involved a half trail with Charlie sitting in the stroller without the car seat. Sitting and looking forward. Yep, he loved it.

Once lunch was over, I did a few computer things and before I knew it, Charlie fell asleep on me. Wow, the fresh air did the trick. Not so fast mister. I had to wake him up for a bottle so he could have his long afternoon nap.

Once he was swinging away, I decided to do something I had not done in several weeks. I watched a movie. Forget chores or endless things I could do on the computer, I needed to just chill out. I presented it to myself as a reward for a busy two weeks.

So I turned on the Netflix and gave it a look. Nothing really caught my eye, except for Prometheus. Now this movie is a running joke it our house because I have tried to watch it twice before, falling asleep both times.

This time however, I made it all the way through and it was not bad. The look of the movie was great. If that is what 2093 is like, I hope I am around to see it.

It felt great to just leave reality for a few hours and just jump into another world. You need to do that every so often I think. Maybe a movie day once a week? Ha, like I could pull that off. 10 minutes after the credits were over I was feeling guilty again, so I quickly started cleaning before Charlie’s nap was over.

Not much else happened on Day 13 that you don’t already know based on older posts. The weather was superb again and that certainly gets a person excited for the months ahead.

One final note on our baby boy Charlie. I gave him a bath in the grown up bath tonight and he was great. He played with toys and did not fall over once. Nice work Charlie. He is growing up so fast, way faster than I remember Harrison. He is going to be crawling before we know it. Glad I get to enjoy this time with him.

No photos today, I am too tired to resize and post.

Are you enjoying Like A Dad? I am getting a kick out of all the comments and feedback. Makes it all worth while sharing my adventures.