Day 19: Dad For The Win

Well, Day 19 was a long one and when you add in that it was Friday, it is no shock that I did not feel like blogging last night.

Charlie is napping and my wife took Harry to Saturday gymnastics, so here I am.

Yesterday was a definite win for me I think. As you may have read, we have been transitioning Charlie from his beloved swing to his crib for naps. I mean he sleeps all night in the crib, so why not naps.

The first day was rough as expected, but yesterday was awesome. He was up there and asleep for almost three hours. My wife used the term “dad for the win” when she heard this.

Flash forward to today, it was back to rough. But that was expected as a weekend day is different from a weekday. Everyone is home, the house is less quiet and we were out doing stuff this morning which threw off the sleep schedule.

But he is up there right now, fighting it out and I think he has at least scored an hour of doze.

Other highlights in the day:

  • I finally saw The Chew, a show my wife was going on about from her maternity leave. Since we don’t have the Food Network, it is certainly good for recipes and cooking ideas.
  • Submitted my first entry for the Dad’s Roundtable blog.
  • Got really lazy for cooking dinner and went and go McDonald’s for everyone.
  • Did a lot of laundry. Man those two boys have a pile of clothes.

So that is it. Nothing excited, but still documented.

I better go get Charlie before he rips down the side of the crib and walks down the stairs himself.