Day 7: The First Real Test And Sandbox Season Arrives

like a dadGood evening fellow parents, readers, humans and important bloggers. Day 7 is almost in the books and it was an interesting one even though it lacked anything of real interest. It was a ho-hum day but having both boys is always a challenge.

Especially when they are borderline cranky all day (all day son).

The morning started bright and early at 6:30 with that lovely singing from Charlie’s room. The song goes something like – “I’m awake now, I’m awake now, get up and feed me”.

The positive thing that came out of this is I changed him and went back to bed for another 30 minutes where we just hung out and extended the day a little. Any time I can get it to 7 am, it is better for everyone.

Not much to report for the morning. Naps, reading, food and a little bit of Barney. I had promised Harrison a park trip and since we had the car, that was pretty doable. But the weather was crappy. Eventually we did go briefly.

Then I took the opportunity with the car and hit up Shoppers for some stuff. I was the guy with two boys hauling product around the store while I seemed to be getting in everyone’s way. He people doing your grocery shopping at a drug store on a Wednesday morning, deal with it.

Lunch was typical, naps were had and the afternoon was all going to the norm, when the sun finally came out. What the hell, bright rays of light hitting the windows.

I could not even get the full word sandbox out of my mouth and Harry was running for his boots.

So we went out to explore the back yard, clean up some poop and open up sandbox season.

Harry was jazzed. He was Utah Jazzed. I have not seen him this excited since he discovered bacon.

All his old toys were still there, just waiting under the cover for a new season. He raked, he drove, he ruled.

Charlie meanwhile sat there in a stroller getting his first taste ever of the back yard. He liked it.

I went in to feed Charlie and just left Harry out there for another 30 minutes, just playing and being a happy boy. It is one of the perks of the age difference of the boys. Harry can take care of himself and play on his own for the most part. Plus he is a very independent guy already.

Then a little excitement all in the five minutes before Katie got home. I went in the kitchen for like 30 seconds and I heard a loud thump followed by crying. Yep, Charlie managed to fall off the couch. He bounced, he scared himself but he was just fine.

While calming him down, then I hear screaming from outside and barking. Uh oh, neighbours dog was out who Harry has had run ins before. He was bolting up the deck stairs crying. Again, scared but just fine.

So both boys are crying, Dad is trying to keep it all together and Mom is only moments away from walking in the door.

I handled it, everything was fine. But man, come 5:30 pm, those two really start testing me.

My parents are visiting this weekend and they get here tomorrow. I am going to take Harry to the airport when I go to pick them up. He is pretty excited for that.

So that will be the big story over the next five days. Grandparent visit.

As for now, I am keeping it real, Dad style. Hope you enjoyed the continuing journey.



  1. They always start crying before our partners come home, don’t they? Same thing happened with Rowan today! Screaming and crying just as Matt walked up the stairs. Lovely.

    • When my wife was home, every day when I walked in, the boys were both fussy. It all started in the last 30 minutes. Of course, my wife was glad to had them over to me at that point in the evening.

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