Day 1: Getting Everything In Order

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Today is the first day of my parental leave and so far so good it has been great. As expected, our baby boy is stuck on a routine, so all you have to do is follow it and he is a breeze.

He is currently napping, which gives me some time to update. I have decided that I will do one post today that deals with the day-to-day of the parental leave. That way, those who want to follow without the rest of the stuff, they can.

I will add updates to the same post as the day goes and as I have time to add. So if you read the post early in the day, it could change.

So here goes, Day 1 as of 1:30pm local time.

The day began with our 3-year old sleeping on top of me? Why? He came into out room in the middle of the night saying the cat was on his bed. Before I could get up to take him back, he was already in bed and snuggling up under the blankets. So I decided just to leave him. He actually settled in and slept there for the rest of the night. So when I woke up, he was half sprawled on top of me, trying to hog the bed.

It was my wife’s first day back to work so she was already up and getting ready. The baby of course was sleeping still. Nothing like 11 hours to recharge up the little guy.

I got up with Harry and the baby kept on sleeping. As I needed the car today, my wife was busy getting ready earlier than normal since she would be taking the bus. This will change-up each day depending on if I need the car.

If she takes the bus, that means I need to get both boys ready as Harry goes to preschool three days per week.

So while my wife was getting all prepped, I was getting myself dressed, Charlie dressed and fed and then Harry dressed and fed.

Surprisingly it all went well and we were out the door by 7:50am.

We all walked over to Harry’s school and dropped him off.

Then Charlie and I came home for the rest of his breakfast.

You know what, this is way to detailed for anyone to be interested in.

Let’s change this up a bit since it is a work in progress.

These “day #” posts will start to just mention on highlights. I think that is more fitting than literally everything I did.

So with that in mind:

After the normal part of the day was over, I took Charlie down to the Halifax Shopping Center as I needed to visit Service Canada.


I applied for EI yesterday and I went to drop off my ROE. Turns out they did not need it, but it is good to know everything I needed to do is in order. Now I just wait for it to process and see what kind of payout I get every two weeks.

We walked around the mall and looked at shoes. Then I gave Charlie a bottle at the mall. I was amazed at how many people seemed amazed to see a dad feeding his baby in public like that. I got lots of looks.

Funny enough, I saw another dad at the mall with his kid and we exchanged this look of “nice work bro” as I walked by. Good to see other dads stepping up.

Then we came home and returned to normal.

I will update later as I will be throwing a chicken on the Big Green Egg later.

Update: 3pm local time

The swing is still going, so that means Charlie is still out cold. Managed to finish prepping for the beer can chicken and even did a post about it that will be going up shortly.

Next up for us, a bottle after Charlie wakes up and then off to get Harry at school. By then the bird will be smoking and Katie will be on her way home.

This stay-at-home-dad thing is a piece of cake. Ha ha, yes, I know. It will get harder.

More later.

8:53 pm local time

Well I survived Day 1. The wife decided to come home, so that was good. Figured she had a chance to run and did not take it. That must say something.

The rest of the day was pretty good. The baby woke up earlier than normal, so that meant more play time and more eating time. The kid has figured out a way to get six bottles in the last few days. Tricky guy.

I Big Green Egged dinner, so my wife was pretty impressed with that. It was tricky managing it and the baby, but I pulled it off.

Once Harry was home from school, we played and had a good time. He is into watching Charlie Brown, so that was the after school choice today.

Dinner was over, everything was cleaned up and the boys are now both in bed asleep. Time to relax before passing out.

Tomorrow is another day and even busier. Both kids tomorrow. Yes, that is my wife laughing to herself. I will make it I am sure.

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