You Need An All-Star Point Guard To Win – In This Case, Mom

The last week or so a lot has been happening in our house. The two biggest of course are first, my taking over the day time parenting duties for our 6-month old son and second, March Madness.

For me, college basketball’s wild tournament is like Christmas. So much good basketball to watch. This year has been extra special as my beloved Michigan Wolverines are back. They made it to the Final Four with a crushing 20-point win over Florida on Saturday. I did not even have to break a sweat watching that one.

So, I figured I would tie the two hot topics together for this post.

To win the big game, you need an All-Star point guard and in this case, a wife/mom who is the floor general for the household.

Tomorrow my wife heads back to work after six months away taking care of our little guy. I will be assuming all that comes with that role starting tomorrow for the next six months. Crazy eh?


My wife has done the hard work. She has built the mold. She has established routines. You could say he is the starting point guard who leads the team on and off the court. She makes all the big plays when needed. Instead of the right pass at the right time, she is putting the baby back to sleep at 4am so I can sleep.

Instead of that drive to the hoop for a bucket and one, she is doing  all the feeding so I can have some time to myself.

She is the engine that makes it all run and now I am stepping in like the back=up point guard, just hoping to keep the lead until she comes back in.

Will I do things my way? Oh most probably. But the foundation will always be due to her hard work. The lack of sleep for six months. The constant feeling of having spit up all over you. That will now be me.

Our baby boy is on auto-pilot thanks to the starting PG out of Toronto.

Now all I have to do is not F it up.

So to my wife, thank you for making my six months easier than yours.

To Trey Burke and the Michigan Wolverines, only two more wins and it will be 1989 all over again.

Day 1 is tomorrow, so please stay tuned as I start my adventure in stay-at-home parenting.