Day 16: The More I Sleep, The More Tired I am

day16-1It is a cold, rainy and depressing evening in Halifax tonight. It is almost May and the weather is still flirting with the freezing mark. What gives? The boys want to be outside playing, not sitting on the couch looking out the window.

Oh well, the forecast looks much better next week.

Today, even though I got to sleep in past 7 am, was a tiring day. You know the days, when your eyes are like gum and your brain just does not want to function.

Luckily for me, I just had Charlie and he loves to sleep. He is like a bear. As long as he gets to eat, he is quite happy to doze and nap and sleep as much as you let him.

The overall goal of the day was to try to get the house in order. I feel like I am slipping from the tidy standard that Katie set while she was home with the baby. She had a schedule and the house was for the most part a clean space for us men to mess up.

I did manage to get a few rooms done but there is a lot more. Maybe one day. At least the hair got sucked off the floor. Having pets can really add to the mess.

In terms of Charlie, he had a great day. Now that he is a full-time sitter, he can do many more things. The current fave is to sit in front of a bucket and take his toys out of it.

I could watch that all day. I was saying he is like a timer. His sitting lasts around 20 minutes, then he just falls over. So if you need to keep track of something for 20 minutes, I suggest using our son.

It is amazing how on point he is with a schedule. 7 am-8 am is bottle and cereal. Then it is nap until 9:15, then we play until 10:15 when second bottle comes in. Then we go out on a dog walk or some kind of adventure, then home.

He has a 10 minute pre-lunch nap usually on my shoulder, then we have lunch. By 1:15 he is ready for his next bottle and a three-hour nap. 4:30 is play time until we have to get Harry at school, or Mom comes home. Then cereal at 6:15 and finally a bath, bottle and bed at 7:30.

What a full day. But you can pretty much bank on that schedule, give or take 15 minutes.

It makes my day easy to plan as well. It is handy to know I have that three-hour block in the afternoon for computer time, cleaning, TV or whatever else I have on the go.

So I am on Day 16 of the P-Leave train and I  would safely say I have a routine set.

The days Harry is home they are a little different, but he does fall into the slots mentioned above pretty well.

Now, when the sunny and warm weather finally gets here, it will be a whole other story.

The trick then will be to keep Charlie on schedule, while maximizing outside time for Harry. I better charge up those wireless baby monitors.

Well that is all for today. If you want to see photos from the day, please take a look at my Instagram page.