Day 17: Passport Photos And A Whole Lotta Pooh


Good evening parental travelers, how are you? This is the part of the day when things get quiet and calm around the house. The boys are in bed and the grown ups make their way to the basement where TV and dozing happen. Sound exciting right? What do you want, it is Wednesday! We still our huge Survivor fans, so that is what is on the menu.

Today was a challenge, not because of the boys or anything to do with parenting. Nope, today was hard because of the horrible weather. There was a monsoon going on around our house for most of the day. No walking the dog, no getting the mail and certainly no outside time for the kiddies.

Luckily, we had a very important task to take care of. It was passport photo day for the men. We are heading on a few trips this year and Harry and I need new passports, while Charlie needs his first one ever.

With the weather, the only really logical choice was going to Mic Mac Mall in Dartmouth. There was a Blacks there to get the job done.

So we packed up and headed out. Car rides are always fun for Harry thanks to his love (addiction?) to trucks. He knows them all by name and gets excited when one is speeding by us.

The mall was as expected, a lot of seniors and moms pushing strollers. I have become pretty obsessed about finding another lone man walking the mall with kids. Today, I saw one other.

A side note about the mall. Harry has come to refer to the mall as the town hall. Not sure why, but I don’t mind it at all.

The photos were hilarious. As you know for passport photos, you don’t smile and your lips have to be touching. Well tell that to the smile twins. Both could not stop grinning. Finally they were caught with a serious face and we could move on.

While waiting for processing, we did the food court for a snack and did laps of each level of the mall.

At the food court is where they have all the riding cars and such for kids. Harrison of course had to sit on all of them. I seemed to be the only person there not spending a fortune on making them bounce and light up. My guy was just fine to pretend.

Once we were malled out, we headed home for lunch.

Nothing else exciting happened other than naps, playing and trying to keep our sanity with the never-ending rain.

Thankfully my wife made it home and added some much-needed life to the party.

Harry as I may have mentioned has become quiet the Winnie The Pooh fan. He knows the characters and I think he wants to live in Hundred Acre Woods.

So that book was on heavy rotation today as well as a movie before dinner. We don’t mind. Winnie The Pooh is a classic and is certainly better than a lot of the other cartoons and crap that is out there.

Harry also learned a new word “Huzzah” that I am helping him use in the right instances.

So that is Day 17. As you can see if you are following the story, I have this stay-at-home day thing going strong.


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