Day 10: Dad Back On Track

The toddler sampler. Fish sticks, crackers, cheese and apple slices.

Wow what a tiring weekend that was. If you read the post, you know exactly what I mean. But it was a lot of fun.

As I am writing this I am busy checking out the news out of Boston on the explosions today. Just heard from our friends down there and they are just fine. Scary stuff.

Back to the day. It was get away day for my parents as they headed back to Sarnia. So that meant packing up the boys, picking up my parents at their hotel and making another airport run. Harry was all for this as it is his new favourite place.

Everything went smooth and we hung around to look at planes.

The rest of the day was all about getting back to normal. Solid naps and taking it easy.

Lunch was exciting as I put together quite the lunch for Harry. Fish sticks, cheese, crackers, apple slices and a chocolate milk. I think I coined it the toddler sampler plate. Needless to say, he ate it all.

The best part of the day was the weather. The sun came out and that meant Harry got to play in the back yard a lot. We did some watering and raking and sandbox play.

It is going to be harder and harder to get that kid to come in at all.

Dinner, bath, bed and now quiet.

In terms of the stay-at-home-dad thing, today was great. I can really feel Charlie falling into line with the routine. He has not been difficult at all. In fact, as he is teething, he was incredibly happy today.

I am looking forward to another great day of weather tomorrow, and just one boy. Harry will be off to school to get some much-needed kid time.

So, there, everything is back on track. The blog, the house, the kids and me.