Day 90: Banana, Pizza, Avocodo, Yogurt And More

The PL stands for Parental Leave, which I am currently doing for six months.

Where did the week go? I realize it was a short week thanks to Natal Day, but I have to say, it flew by. Yesterday was Day 90 of my parental leave. Wow, 90 days. What a wild ride. I am almost forgetting what it is like to be in an office environment. I know I still have two months to go but lately it feels like the time is slipping away. Every day is starting to feel more and more like Sunday night. Oh well, I will stop complaining because there is still a lot of fun left. We have a few trips coming and August and September in Nova Scotia are usually the best months. Plus I get to spend it all with Charlie.

Who: Charlie

His eating is going great. He seems to liked everything. We have also added a pretty full lunch to the day as well. Yesterday for example, he had baby cereal, fresh banana, fresh avocado, pizza crust, yogurt and the usual rice crackers. While messy, it is fun to watch him shove new things in his mouth and grunt with joy. His sour face is pretty funny too but just when you think he does not like something, he opens up for more. Harry used to eat like that as well but now he is a picky pre-schooler who eats about four things. Oh well that will change.

Where: Shoppers

I took Charlie on a little walk to Shoppers Drug Mart yesterday as all my man products ran out at once. Shaving cream, shampoo and deodorant were needed not to mention some more baby wipes. You never want to run out of those. The walk was hot but great to get some exercise. Charlie had crazy hair going on so he was turning heads. He had a bit of a conversation with the cashier at Shoppers, that was funny. We stopped at Tim Hortons for a treat and walked home.

Why: Great afternoon

Charlie slept for over three hours. That gave me a lot of time to catch up on things around the house and long list of items I need to take care of on the computer. It was a relaxing and quiet afternoon, just what a guy needs on a Thursday. Makes today a lot easier. Plus a full nap makes Charlie very happy and fun to play with for the rest of the day. He was super smiley and active when Harrison got home. They play so well together now. I just love watching it.

What: Weird neighours

We have odd neighbours. They are loud and do things that I just find weird. Yesterday they put out a bag of garbage on the curb and it exploded all over the place. I think it was cooking oil. It has stained the road and had crows all over it for a good 20 minutes. Hopefully rain will wash it away. Who does that?

Photo of the Day

Might as well go for a donut.


From the Internet

Canadian Dad Blog – A Boy In Gymnastics? Say it ain’t so

The discussion was about what activities were available for kids in our area. Included in my list of suggestions was gymnastics, which was immediately met with a scoff. When I asked why, they explained that they didn’t want their son to become, “you know?” to which I calmly answered, “No, I don’t know, please explain”. I then explained how my son was in gymnastics and how much fun he was having with it. They quickly back tracked and tried to explain how their son wasn’t very sporty and blah, blah, blah, the damage was done. Sadly, this isn’t the only case of this I’ve heard lately.

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