Day 61: Back It Up Partner

The PL stands for Parental Leave, which I am currently doing for six months.

Day 61. Where has the time gone? With June coming to a close, that will mark the half way point on this parental leave. Wow. Well I better keep enjoying the time I have with the boys.

Today was pretty quiet with the weather being dull, but that did not mean there was no action in the house. Charlie is entering a stage where a lot is going to happen fast, so it is important to help him along and watch for the big changes. Next week, he is 9 months old. Big time!

I also wanted to get a post in because I am not sure how much blogging there will be over the next few days. It is the annual birthday/Canada Day weekend here. I am very excited to see what we get up to. Make sure you check out the Instagrams and Vines over the long weekend.

Day 61, you were a good one.

Who: Charlie

Like I said, Charlie is on the move in so many ways. He has a top tooth coming in and that means we hear a lot of grinding noises. He is eating Cheerios (not Froot Loops) and loving it. He is also on the verge of moving across the floor in the blink of an eye. We know he has the physical aspects down, now it is just wrapping his mind around crawling. He can go backwards and quite far, and he has the rocking on his knees going too. It won’t be long. Maybe in time for the next time we see Nana and Papa? I bet they would love that.

Where: The loop

After dinner tonight, we all headed over to the loop so Harry could ride his bike. He has become almost 100% self-sufficient on his bike. He needs the occasional push but other than that, he is great. He even knows how to properly fall off his bike. After a summer of this, he will be ready to try to do it without the trainers. Now that will be exciting for everyone.

Why: Cooked inside

We had a lot of buttermilk left over from our weekend recipes, so to help use it up, I soaked tonight’s chicken in it for a few hours before cooking. It makes it much more moist and adds a little flavour to the cooking process. The chicken ended up tasting really good but not as good as if I had some charcoal left for the Big Green Egg. The weekend ham used it all up. That is the problem with owning an Egg. You know how great everything tastes from it, so going back to normal indoor cooking is hard. I also did some hash browns and asparagus as a side. For a Thursday dinner, it was pretty tasty.

What: Vine

I have been posting videos of the boys on Vine just to try it out. For those who don’t know, Vine lets you post seven second videos and share them on various social networks. I am pretty late to the game and with Instagram adding video, who knows how long Vine will be around. But I like it because I can post stuff there and not have to worry about a lot of people seeing it as I have no followers. I also like to keep my Instagram feed mostly full of photos. Go and see some funny clips of Charlie smiling. Vine users, my handle is Like A Dad.

Photo of the Day

Brother pushing brother

From the Internet

The Writings Of Larry Bernstein – Separate & Equal

However, it can be argued that money causes the most stress on a marriage. In fact according to a study by Jeffrey Drew at Utah State University, “Of all these common things couples fight about, money disputes were the best harbingers of divorce.

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