Halifax Playgrounds: Seaview Memorial Park


Every Wednesday, I get the car. That means I need to take advantage of the car and the weather. With two boys ready to play, there is nothing better than going on an adventure to a different park of Halifax.

Due to the short week because of Natal Day, Wednesday came a little quicker than normal and I did not really have a plan.

I woke up today, still without a plan. The weather was going to be ideal and I needed a place to go.

Well Facebook provided me inspiration.

Every day this month, Halifax Plays, is featuring a different playground in HRM on their Facebook page.

I have been keeping track each day as I enjoy all the work that is put into featuring playgrounds in our area.

Well today, it was Seaview Memorial Park. Perfect!

I have not been there since having kids and moving off the Peninsula. I used to take our dog there all the time as it is a great off leash dark park as well.

To be honest, I did not even remember it had a playground. I guess when you don’t have kids, you don’t take note of those things.

So I figured, a great park on the water under the bridge would be ideal for my two guys.

Boats, a giant bridge, trucks, a playground and hopefully some fun dogs as well.

Even the trip to the park was great because you have to drive by the Fairview Shipping Yard. For anyone with a kid who loves Mighty Machines, it is a great drive.

Upon parking, Harrison’s brain exploded with excitement. He wanted to go five ways at once.

He kept saying, that is the bridge we always drive over.

Yep, it is.

We looked at the boats and the calm, shiny water. We watched trucks go over the bridge.

Finally we played.

The playground was empty which is always a bonus. Even though the slides were hot from the direct sun, Harrison had a blast. He did the slides, climbed the dragon things and stood on what he called the spider web.

After some play, we did a tour of the park and watched some boats. We had a snack in the shade and saw a tour at the church at the end of the park.

There were hardly any dogs, but the ones that were there were friendly and came to visit the boys.

On the way out we hit the playground again and this time Charlie got to do some swinging.

All-in-all it was a perfect morning.

More Photos

The boys are both sleeping now so it must have been all that sea air.

The Seaview Memorial Park playground is not huge by any means, but it has a lot of perks around it.

Harrison could have stood on top of the playground all day and watched the big trucks drive by.

I highly recommend checking it out. There is a lot of History down there and nothing beats seeing a bridge that close. All it needs is a french fry truck like back home in Sarnia, Ontario.

Looking for a new park? I suggest checking out Halifax Plays. Alex has done A LOT of work to provide you  with everything you need to know about playgrounds in HRM.

Get your kids playing by visiting one of the many playgrounds today.

I will have to add Seaview Memorial Park to our list of favourite playgrounds in HRM.