Day 80: Parental Leave Is Starting to Crawl

The PL stands for Parental Leave, which I am currently doing for six months.

For those following the daily battles, you probably have noticed there has not been an update in a week. I will do a full blog post on it later, but I seem to have hit a parental leave wall. As I approach four months in, I feel fatigued from many thing, one of which is the daily blogging about it. Not to worry. I have been blogging long enough to know that I always bounce back after being recharged. The same can be said for the parenting. I am trying my best to add some new things each day and looking forward to more changes with the kids. But for now, the last few days of July, I am just coasting on the same old, same old. So thanks for being patient with me. A lot is happening. I just can’t be bothered to sit at the computer and rehash it.

Let’s try to start it all back up by looking at today, Day 80 on the PL.

Who: Charlie

Charlie is exploding with changes in what he can do and his personality. He is a funny kid to be around. Always smiling and making everyone laugh. He is crawling like crazy, waving his arms in the air and eating a lot of new foods. Being 9 months is a lot of fun. He is becoming a handful to carry however. Always squirming and pushing that weight around. I am almost losing my control of him when I carry him around with one arm. I have been sizing up kids who are clearly older than Charlie and they are much smaller. Today I put Charlie in an outfit that Harry did not wear until he was well over a year old. His leg power is pretty great. I doubt it will be long before he is standing and walking.

Where: Not far

It rained all day today. So we took advantage by having a lazy day of house cleaning. It was due. I had not really done a good clean since we got back from vacation. So I was able to take care of the top floor while Charlie napped. He helped me do the kitchen during lunch. Who knew he could be such a good helper. We played a lot in the living room chasing balls and crawling into the kitchen. We even had a morning Skype with Grandma and Grandpa to show off Charlie’s smile and crawling. The only real outside time was taking Harry to school and picking him up. It is nice to have a lazy day every so often.

Why: Lowing the crib

We are going to have to lower the crib again. Charlie has figured out how to pull himself up. I heard him today fall back in a heap. I figured I had a few months before I had to lower it again. I just did it in May. Oh that Charlie boy. I went up today after hearing him crying and he clearly had tried to do a pull up and fell backwards into the corner of his crib. For anyone who has lowered a crib, it is not hard. But it is a big pain in the ass. Nothing like dealing with car seats, but it is close. I guess I know what I am taking care of this weekend.

What: Mega energy

Harrison has had a shot of energy or something the last few weeks. He is go, go, go all the time now. A lot of it is trying to make Charlie laugh (and succeeding) but it is really noticeable. Even his preschool teachers notice it. Nothing really tires him out and we try. The only thing that seems to work is when he plays with other kids his own age. But even that is starting to fail. I mean, a full day of preschool is not doing it anymore. I don’t remember the last time he was asleep before 9 pm. We are going to have to start going for after dinner jogs or something. But then I will just pass out before the kid and that is just embarrassing.

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