How Do I Make the Most of My Paternity Leave?

Excellent post by Michael Roston from the New York Times on his upcoming parental leave.

It was called How do I make the most of my paternity leave?

Late last year, The New York Times Company announced that it would offer six weeks of paid parental leave for all employees. The timing couldn’t have been better for me, because late last year I became a father. I worked out some scheduling with my managers, and my wife, and in one week’s time I’ll start paternity leave with our 4-month-old daughter as my wife returns to work from her maternity leave.

On Sunday, my wife and I had a conversation about things that I should understand about being home with our daughter full time. After we discussed various particulars, she asked if there was anything else I wanted to know. There was. “Do you have any general advice on staying sane?”

Later in the post he asked these 3 questions.

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Day 117: The Crying Game


Today was the second day for Charlie at daycare. The difference for today’s visit was that it was two hours long and I would not be there for the second hour.

Well, that was rough on Charlie. Even moving a few feet away from him would upset the little guy. Now, based on his personality, this may not have anything to do with me. He tends to be an environment guy. If it is a place he does not want to be, it does not matter who he is with.

A daycare full of kids and babies is not quiet. It is chaos times a million and when you are used to a quiet and structured home life, well that can get to anyone. Especially a baby like Charlie.

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Day 116: Orientation Week Is Going To Be Hardest On……



Daycare orientation week is going to be hardest on ME!

Yep, forget the kids, they are going to love going to a new school. The person I am worried about is me. My time at home with the boys is coming to an end.

Today was our first trip to the new daycare. This week is a gradual introduction for Charlie and by Friday he will be going for a full day.

I have been with the little guy every day for six months and it is going to be hard to let that go.

Harrison will be starting at the new daycare next week but he got to check out his new class today as well. Let’s just say he loved it.

We packed up and left for the school just after 9 am today. The agenda was to go for an hour with me staying in the baby room with Charlie.

Tomorrow, it will be two hours and I leave for one.

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Day 112: Trying To Keep The Bomb From Going Off


What bomb you ask? Well I call it the Charlie Bomb. You see, our little baby is sick. He has a fever and he is grumpy. I am not 100% sure if it is the fever or the fact that he is not as hungry that is making him less than happy.

If you can believe it, this is my first time playing doctor on my parental leave. Yes, we have pretty healthy kids.

The timing is pretty good however, as Charlie starts his new daycare next week (orientation). So it is best to unleash germs at him now because as any parent who has started a new daycare knows, the kid will be sick in 10 seconds. All those new kids and their lovely germs. Can’t wait.

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