Channeling the Leading Ladies of Netflix

Leading Ladies of Netflix

If there was ever a time that we needed to send a positive message to the young women of the world, it seems now is an ideal time. We all know what happened on Nov. 8. It happened. Instead of having the first female president, well, you know what we have.

While trying to digest, comprehend and figuring out what is next, maybe it’s time to turn off the Twitter, stop reading articles on how we should feel and just enjoy a few Netflix shows that showcase women who don’t’ let the dark days get them down.

Yes, put on some cozy clothes, get comfy on the couch and take a break from what’s going on in the world.

Netflix hosts a wide variety of series that capture the vibrancy of modern womanhood, whether it’s the solidarity expressed by the diverse inmates on Orange Is the New Black, the inspired efforts of a tenacious young Queen in The Crown, the emotional and physical strength of Jessica Jones or the outspoken, unfiltered wit of Chelsea Handler as she relates to women across multiple generations. These characters represent diverse and complex backgrounds that reflect the idea of “empowerment” in numerous ways.

In honour of the newest leading female character on Netflix, Queen Elizabeth II, a few leading women of Netflix originals have drafted notes to their younger selves – and everyone everywhere – highlighting some of the universal truths, challenges and wisdom that transcend place and time, that modern women everywhere can relate to.

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The #Netflix Binge Scale

If there is one thing Netflix has done, it has moved the word “binge” into our daily language. Few like to brag about binge eating all the chips in their house, our binge drink all the wine in the cupboard. But man, we sure like to let everyone know when we binge watched a show on Netflix while ignoring the live and people around us.

It’s almost like a badge of honour. Only watch one show at a time? That seems pretty amateur these days. Ignore the kids, friends, bills, chores, laundry, cleanliness, grass and everything else and throw down six eps. of Suits in a day instead. We have all done it right?

Now Netflix has released actual data to back up our habits. They call it the Netflix Binge Scale. On a side note, I am pretty glad Lays does not do the same for eating chips.

Here it is.


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American Crime Scared the Parenting $#@% Out Of Me

Have you watched American Crime on ABC? The second season just wrapped up and while Season 1 was mostly entertainment for me, Season 2 scared the parenting shit out of me.

Why? Because it dealt with several real-life situations that ANY child and family could go through.

I don’t plan on giving spoilers away, and to be honest, there are no dramatic twists or who dunnit moments. Maybe that is why the show felt so real. It painted the picture that it could happen to anyone who is in the wrong place at the wrong time or let internal struggles get out of control. The show is much more hard-hitting that any family time movie or special from my childhood. There was no happy ending, just real life outcomes.

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