What I Miss About Parental Leave


Well I have been back to work for one week now and it seems like just a distant memory since I was home with the kids on parental leave.

Obviously I miss the quality time with Charlie and I really enjoyed being a temporary stay at home dad. I think I run a good house.

But work came calling and we need two incomes to get back to the comfortable life we enjoy.

Finding time to blog has also been hard to come by. Sure, there is actual time to do it, but when those moments happen, I am pretty content just to sit on the couch and do nothing.

Working and parenting again has taken a toll on me and most likely my family for this first week. We crave routine and it will happen soon enough.

Trips, birthdays, holidays, colds and all the other outside variables are gone, now we can just settle into a new normal (whether we like it or not).

While I have this 10 minutes before catching the bus, I wanted to make a quick list of a few things I really miss about my parental leave.

I also just wanted to check in and make sure you were still there.

Here goes.

  • Waking up and not having to worry about what was on my work plate for the day.
  • Knowing that if I wanted a nap, there would be time later.
  • Keeping up with the house chores.
  • Going for morning walks with Charlie.
  • Being home after school for Harrison and picking him up.
  • Cooking dinner for everyone.
  • Getting to play outside in the late afternoon.
  • Having lazy home days with the boys.
  • My lunch time listening to CBC radio with Charlie.
  • That time during morning nap when the house was totally quiet and I could do some blogging.
  • Not living for the weekend.
  • Meeting and getting to know a lot of other dad bloggers and local bloggers.
  • Building Lego.
  • Keeping up with my TV shows.
  • Watching Charlie change every day.

Okay, the bus calls. I promise to post more later.


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