This One Goes Out To The Fans


Well the blog has certainly seen better days. The last few weeks of transitioning back to work has left me tired and uninspired.

This covers all the bases. Cooking, cleaning and of course blogging.

Who knew two boys would be so much work. (Ha, says all the people with at least two kids.)

Before the blog had a hook. I was a dad on parental leave. I was doing something very different and worth reading about.

Now? I am just a dad who goes to work in the morning and comes home in the evening and tries his best to spend time with the family.

That is pretty boring.

Well, normally I would think so. But……

Over the last few weeks I have heard from so many silent fans who love the blog and that has been pumped to move forward.

So many people have commented that they love reading about our boys and myself being a dad. It is so touching to hear.

From distant family members, to coworkers of my wife (who don’t even have kids), to total strangers who have jumped on the band wagon of sorts.

It means a lot.

I want to write more.

I want to entertain you.

I want to be your hero baby.

So, while I figure out what the new path of the blog will be, stay with me. Don turn out the lights just yet.

And yes, I admit to knowing that was the second Enrique Iglesias reference of this post.

I want to remain a voice for dads. I want to remain a voice for parents who just want to laugh. I want to remain a source of cute kid photos.

Time is my enemy. Parenting is getting in the way of my parenting blog. Go figure.

I still am putting together my thoughts on the whole parental leave experience.. There is this huge amount of random moments in my head.

There is my return to work that I am still figuring out. There is our sons who for good or bad, have felt the change in the force. Even life for my wife has changed. She has gone back to not only working all day, but now has to take on a big chunk of the kids again.

It’s all different and we are seeking normal again. Will it happen? I am sure it will at some point.

The kids are growing up so fast and now we miss 10 hours of it each week day. I know it is part of the process but I don’t have to like it.

So where was I? Oh yeah, you, the fans.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for your comments and please keep reading and offering your thoughts.

Still to come this year, we have Movember and the Holiday season.

Buckle up for some good times.


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