The Newest Routine Is the Best Routine


I have written in the past about how our family’s day breaks down and for the last several months all the moving parts have had to do with everyone but me. I was the constant. I was the one not really changing. That made the home easy to maintain and make sure everything got done and looked after.

Well as you know, I am back to work and that is all changing. Again.

But after only a few days, I can say that it seems to be the best for all.

The days have gotten longer for the kids, but I think they are having much more fun, entertainment and most importantly, interacting with other people.

The funny part, if we could have chosen how it would have all worked out, I don’t think it would be much different.

I landed a job that not only satisfies my needs for work and money, it is located in a place that makes it easy to drop off and pick up the kids each night.

I was dreading the idea of working up in North York and stressing everyday on who would get the kids by 6 pm.

I knock on wood when I say this, everything is working out great.

Here is the new routine that we have managed to pull off for a few days.

6am-630: Katie gets up during this time depending on if it is a wash hair day or not. Coffee is started and by 630 it is time to start waking the boys.

630am: I get up and shower, get dressed and do as much as I can to be ready so I can switch with Katie.

Katie starts breakfast for the boys, while she gets hers.

645am: I join the gang at the table and start to take on the rest of breakfast as Katie eats and gets her coffee on.

7am: Katie goes to get ready. I put together Harry’s snacks and gather up the kid’s stuff for the day. The boys are either still eating or they are taking a moment to play.

710am: I start to get the boys dressed. Harry just needs clothes picked out and then Charlie only takes a minute. They brush teeth, slick hair and are ready usually by 715. The TV will go on and they watch some TVO while I get myself some food.

715-740am: Katie is getting ready for work. I am having breakfast and whatever other little things can be done. We like to tidy up if possible so not to walk into it later on.

740am: I start getting the boys ready to go outside. With boots and snowpants, it takes a little longer.

745-750am: We all leave the house. Katie heads to the subway. I grab the stroller and take kids to school. First stop is Howard to drop off Harry. Then we keep going to Kids Zone to drop off Charlie. I am usually done this by 8:05am.

8:10am: I catch the street car and take the 504 to work. The trip seems to take about 25-30 minutes. It is nice to be above ground so I can read the news and mindlessly scan the Internet.

830am: Katie gets to work.

845am: I get to work.

9am-5pm: We work.

5pm: I catch the street car and head back up to get the boys. I usually have both and walking home by 545pm. Katie gets home via the subway around this time as well.

545pm-630pm: Dinner prep and the boys play.

630-7pm: Dinner.

715: We start the bedtime train with separate baths, books and bed. The only difference is Harry stays up to watch one show.

8pm: All done.

The days are go, go, go now but as I said, I think they are really great and fulfilling for everyone now.

I also want to mention this is a normal day. There are times when Katie has events, or Harry has soccer, that the days get a little busier. Pretty typical snapshot in the life of a family.


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