The Morning Routine With Boy Wonder

So what does a normal day look like at our house? Well in terms of boy 1, our 3-year old, it is very routine.

Here is a look at how our weekday mornings go.

6:30am: Dad’s alarm goes off. Now this can go a few ways. First, kid’s light is already on and he has been reading since 5am.

Second, kid is already in room looking at me in the dark waiting for alarm.

Third, kid has already woken us all up to say he has to pee or wants to get into bed.

6:33: Dad has a shower. I go and do my thing, shower, shave and get dressed. Kid has either stayed in his own bed reading, still sleeping or stays in our bed and keeps mom awake. Keep in mind, the 2-month old rarely wakes up.

6:40: Shower and dressed: If kid is not up, I go and wake him up and start the slow process of peeling him out of bed. Some mornings it is like trying to get a teen out of bed. If he is awake and reading already, he shoots out of bed to start the day. If he is in our bed, well I get him out of mom’s hair so she can go back to sleep.

6:45: Change the night-time underwear for fresh and we head downstairs for breakfast.

6:50: Feeding the farm. Before I do anything, I need to feed the cat and dog. Otherwise they are pretty annoying. Kid usually is okay with this and goes and reads or plays.

6:53: Cereal time. I always ask what kind of cereal kid wants and even though I know the answer, I still ask. Mini Wheats. Of course. We go through a box a week these days. That is just him.

7:00-7:15: Cereal, juice and most of the time, a cereal bar consumed. Kid eats cereal like he is performing an autopsy. So slow and calculated on every bite. A sign of the future?

7:15: Getting dressed. This period of the morning has changed recently as  kid will now undress and dress himself. This adds anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes to morning. He refuses to help.

7:25 (on a good day): We brush teeth and go and say good-bye to mom. This is full of hugs and silly time. We leave, mom goes back to sleep.

7:30: We start the process of getting winter clothes on. Again, kid needs to do it all himself, so this can take a bit.

7:35: Out the door. We leave to walk to school. It is so nice being able to walk 10 minutes up the road. Even in the cold, it is one of my favourite parts of the day.

7:45: Drop off and school and say good-bye. Kid pretends he does not even know me and goes and plays.

7:55: I am home to start the rest of my day.

There you have it, that is the morning routine of dad and a 3-year old. Pretty exciting eh? Maybe it needs more dragons or airplanes or something? Turn it into a Hobbit adventure.