The Story Of Big Sleeper And Mr. Dry Guy

All parents say this (they should), my boys are pretty amazing. Every day they do something that makes me think wow, this parenting thing is working.

My wife and I certainly wonder sometimes if all the hard work and routine get into the brains of our two little boy monsters.

Seems to be.

Boy 1, the preschooler, is day time potty trained and has been for several months, but he still wears pullups to bed. He is starting to get there for sleeping through night. More often than not, he is dry in the morning and has fallen into a routine of peeing right before bed and pretty soon after getting up.

This morning after changing a dry pullup, he marched into the bathroom (no light needed) and had a good two-minute pee. That kid is learning.

Then, we go to say good-bye to mom for the day and I learn that boy 2, the baby, has just woken up for the first time since before midnight.

That is two nights in a row for an all night doze.

Are we celebrating? Well, not out loud. The kids will hear us and quickly shake things up. In our heads, a dance of Β joy.