Blogging Like A Dad – Top 50 Dad Blogs of 2012

As an experienced and somewhat successful blogger, taking on the daddy genre was  next on the list of challenges. I have figured out what it takes to grow and explode a blog and in the last three years, I had gotten dad experience first hand with my two boys. So it only seemed natural to mix the two.

Time was the challenge. I was always saying, when I have time, when things slow down etc. But as any working parent knows, things NEVER slow down.

So I just did it. Started up the new blog from scratch and have been adding content for a month.

Recently put out their annual list of Top 50 Dad Blogs of 2012 and I was very excited to go through each and every one to first, read about other great dads and their thoughts and secondly, size up the competition.

I have to say, way more impressive than I first thought. I knew the Mom blog world was full and just assumed dads would be too busy to blog. Silly me. The list only touches on 50 and I can think of several not even on there that I read almost daily.

I salute all the dad bloggers on this list and all the ones so close. What does this list do for me personally? Well it gives me motivation to work hard, pour my dad thoughts out and entertain all of you. Then maybe I will join the ranks of these dad blogs.

Here are the Top 50 Dad Blogs of 2012

1. Black Hockey Jesus

2. How to Be a Dad

3. Sweet Juniper

4. DadCentric

5. Lesbian Dad

6. Dad Wagon

7. Outnumbered

8. Wired’s GeekDad

9. Metrodad

10. Dad Labs

11. Blurbomat

12. Fighting Monsters with Rubber Swords

13. Laid Off Dad

14. Why is Daddy Crying?

15. John Cave Osborne

16. Dad Camp

17. Cry It Out

18. Backpacking Dad

19. Rude Cactus

20. Mocha Dad

21. Honea Express

22. Dad Squared

23. Single Dad Laughing

24. Made by Joel

25. 8BitDad

26. The Busy Dad Blog

27. Bobblehead Dad

28. C.C. Chapman

29. Matt, Liz and Madeleine

30. Dad Down Under

31. Childs Play x 2

32. Beta Dad

33. Dadventurous

34. Gay NYC Dad

35. Father Muskrat

36. GenX Daddy

37. NYC Dads Group

38. Clark Kent’s Lunchbox

39. Two Busy

40. Always Home and Uncool

41. Makes Me Wanna Holler

42. Daddy Types

43. Daddy Files

44. Frugal Dad

45. ChangingDad

46. The Daddy Complex

47. The Spohrs are Multiplying

48. Grill Interrupted

49. Growing Sideways

50. High Tech Dad

Great stuff everyone. I hope to reach out, share your links and settle into the community – all in good time I guess.

See the full list with full details here.


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  1. I agree with you, hope to be considered for this list myself.

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