Breaking Up Is Oh So Hard To Do


Breaking up? What? Who?

Yep, it is true. I am in the midst of a breakup of sorts. Actually a few if you count me leaving the stay-at-home-dad lifestyle.

But first and foremost, Charlie and I are breaking up from being joined at the hip each and every day.

As I start work tomorrow for the first time since May, Charlie and I will be taking a break. A break from long breakfasts, TV watching, adventure walks, lunch, naps and so much more. Sure those things will still happen, just on weekends.

What a change.

I have been dealing with it okay, mostly internalizing and focusing on other things. Charlie however, well, he has been a bit of a hot mess.

In the last week he has had a cold, started a new daycare, possibly having teeth moving and of course, being separated from his weekday buddy, me.

We have gone down this road before. After I did parental leave with Charlie, we both went our separate ways. It was hard, but we got through it.

But this time. This time Charlie can express his displeasure much more.

Listing to him call for Dada in the most sad voice has been haunting  me for a week. I know I need to let it go and not run to him, but it is hard.

When he is tired, hungry or sad, this past week, he has wanted Dad. He knows what is happening. Our little boys club is breaking up.

He just wants things to stay the same.

But, I bet he will love his daycare so much more once he settles in. Other kids, toys, activities and food is going to open up his whole world.

Even today, I am all by myself. I made it until now without missing the little guy. He is such a bowl full of jelly, it is no wonder why I have enjoyed spending over  a year of his life one-on-one, every day. This is also where I should mention how lucky I have been to do this. The stars really aligned honestly.

But as they say on Game of Thrones, Winter is coming. Things are about to change for the better, for everyone.

Dad is back to work, the kids are out of the house all day and we are now starting a new routine that will probably push Katie and I to new levels of tired and stress. But it’s all fun right?

As break ups go, this one is by no means the end of something. Well, unless you count watching Dinosaur Train while we eat snacks at 9:45 am on a Tuesday.

Breaking up is oh so hard to do, but I now get to come home and see Charlie’s big smile and get a warm hug and hear all about his daily adventures.