No We Are Not Down With The Sickness

Happy Thanksgiving to those who bleed red, white and blue today. How is the turkey so far? Based on the inflated stats on the blog that have to do with smoked meat, a lot of you are cooking outdoors. Sweet!

It seems the updates are decreasing over here, but that does not mean life is not happening.

This week’s battle is health. Both boys have been fighting various bugs and colds. Tis the season right?

For Katie and I, it was a cold taste of reality that we had forgotten about. Yep, late night coughing and crying fits.

It has been several months since we had to get up to comfort one of the boys.

So, no, we are not down with the sickness. We want it to go away.

Twice in the last week I have been up with Charlie as he leaks snot everywhere, just trying to get comfy to sleep. Guess where he seems to sleep best? If you guessed on me, you would be correct.

Now while that makes for a great sleep for the little guy, it lacks any comfort for me. Charlie is basically a 30 pounder laying on your chest all night.

Harry has some adult teeth on the move, so he has been waking up with a sore mouth and drool. Luckily for him, just the prospect of medicine calms him down and he goes back to bed.

We had forgotten about these nights. We had forgotten about the stress of just laying there waiting for one of them to wake up. We had forgotten about trying to go about the day feeling like ass because you were up all night.

Thanks sickness. You are not welcome. Please go elsewhere.

Monday was a sick day for both guys. It was one long day for all of us. But since, both boys have been powering through and going to school and daycare.

I had also forgotten how much it sucks listening to your son cough up a lung or just wishing he knew how to blow his own nose.

I am certainly not asking for sympathy. Parents do this every day and have cases that are MUCH worse. I am just laying out the facts.

Katie and I had to dust off our parenting skills and go back to listening for noises in the night and being at the ready for more than usual snuggles.

With my going back to work next week and both boys being around other kids who are sick all day, this is only the beginning no doubt.

I am off to stock the medicine cabinet for the next 4 am house call for dr. mom or dr. dad.