Our Weekend Got A Great Booster When Needed


A lot went on over the weekend, but nothing was more exciting than shaking up the back seat of our car. We had a game of musical car seats which included Harrison getting his first booster seat and Charlie upgrading to forward facing.

Needless to say, it was a hit. Both boys loved it. Harrison enjoys being behind the driver and Charlie looked like a mob boss sitting there with his arms on the arm rests. Yes, he was comfortable.

Charlie turned 13 months old today, so it was a fitting moment to do the change. I am pretty excited about not having to wrestle with two car seats when it comes to taking them out and putting them in.

My wife is thrilled that it won’t be a struggle to put both kids in the car on the morning.

Everyone is happy. Perfect.

So now what do we do with the old baby seat? We can’t give it away or have someone else use it. I guess it becomes part of our garage until we finally say it is trash.

It is pretty funny to spy on the boys in the mirror while driving. They like to hold hands and do little high fives.

I envision a basket full of car crap in between them very soon. Toys, books, leftover snacks and so much more.  The back seat will be fully theirs. You should have seen the food I found when I did  the car seat shuffle.

Time to start another work week. Too bad I won’t get to drive them around until Thursday. By then, they will be fully settled into their new seating arrangement.