#Movember? Today It Is More Like #Dohvember

As you may already know, I am taking part in Movember again this year. Everything has been going great. The hair is growing, people are donating to me (thank you) and we have some upcoming plans to raise more.

Well today it took a hit. I proved to myself that doing Movember while raising two little boys can cause some very stupid things. I blame a tired brain. I blame it being too early. I blame global warming.

Sadly, in the end, I have nobody to blame but myself and my razor.

Yes sir, this morning while I was shaving to make the ‘stache much more presentable, my mind wandered off and before I knew it, I was clean-shaven. Doh!!

It is Day 1 all over again for me. What a fool.

I can’t believe I did that and only five days in. How will I recover? What will those who donated already think? I hope they don’t throw me in the same boat as Lance.

Now I am in recovery mode. What do I do? Well I guess I just let it grow again and hope my brain does not do silly things again.

No photo today. I am too embarrassed. Just imagine a big bushy thing on my upper lip and donate to a great cause.

The team I am on “Mo Nonsense” is doing a great job so far and we would love your support.

I only hope you can overlook my slip up today.