#Movember Is Here. #LikeAMo Is In Full Growth


Hey, hey it’s that time of year again. Time to grow a mo and time to raise money for a great cause.

I am talking about Movember of course. This will be my second year raising money and third year growing some facial hair.

I don’t have a story (good or bad) of how prostate cancer has touched my life. I actually don’t know anyone who has had it. But that can’t last forever (can it?). It could be me, it could be my friends or family and it could even be my boys one day. I of course want to do what I can to stop that from ever happening.

That means more research needs to be done. Research fuels the treatment and potential cure. Being married to a professional fundraiser, I know full well how important research is and how much money is needed to do that.

Not to mention all the resources a hospital needs to do treatments.

Generous donations of all amounts are what drives the solutions. Even the smallest amount helps.

That is why I am doing my part.

Last year, I personally raised $665 and the team I was on raised thousands.

This year, again having the watchful eye of a pro fundraiser, I need to up my goal.

Last year my goal was $500. This year I am keeping it the same. I think I can get there once again with your support.

I will be posting daily photos of growth and have other interesting posts over the month.

So how can you donate? Go to my Mo Space for more.

Thank you for your time and your continued support.

In Movember, Like a Dad will be known as Like a Mo.

Now let’s grow.