Day 20: Frosted Flakes Are Greeeeeat

Monday night, at the computer, telling it like it is. Day 20 was not bad.

It all started bright and early just before 6 am when the baby awoke. I went to get him and brought him back to bed to try to get him back to sleep. Great idea, until we got all cozy and I smelled him. Yep, there was a present waiting.

So the choice was, stay in bed and let him sleep, or change him which would mean awake time. I chose uncomfortable and smelly. I did not sleep but the baby did, past 7 am. So that was a win.

For breakfast, it was the first day of a new cereal for Harrison. He picked out Frosted Flakes yesterday because he thought it was Tigger on the box. He is on a current Winnie the Pooh kick, so any tiger out there is Tigger.

We were not sure he would like the cereal, but all worry was gone in two seconds. Yep, they were greeeeeeat.