Potty Training Boys in only 3 Days – Tips, Tales and Takes

potty training

At this stage of parenting, I did not think I would ever think about potty training ever again. But recently I did.

I had one of those moments when you look at your kids and wonder when it all happened? When did they grow so big? When did they grow into a young adult?

It happens right in front of your eyes and yet, it’s still a shock to the system.

One minute they are small enough to carry in a pouch, the next they are tall enough to almost stare you in the eyes.

Last week I was ordering new underwear online for our oldest boy. Medium briefs!? No superheroes, no trucks, just plain-coloured, boring underwear. It seems like yesterday I was buying a bulk pack of size three Spider-Man undies.

Then even before the confirmation email from Amazon hit my inbox, I was taken back to the days of why we needed those tiny undies in the first place.

The long weekend that I was potty training our first child using a three day bootcamp friends had shared with us.

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Seven Years in Tibet, and When I say Tibet, I mean Parenting

I just wanted to make a brief mention that yesterday my wife and I reached a new milestone for us. Seven years as being parents. Not a big deal to anyone other than us, but I still wanted to post about it. When it’s your first kid, everything is entering new territory. It doesn’t make it any more or less special than other kids, but the first is the first.

There are millions of parents out there with way more experience than myself at this raising a kid gig.  I get that. I just think it’s important to give yourself a pat on the back every now and then and reflect on how you have done. I weighed in on that yesterday on Facebook.


A September to Remember

As we continue to roll down the hill known as summertime, all I can see at the bottom is busy. Most of it is a good busy, but it’s going to be busy nonetheless. September is a crazy time in general. Everyone is getting back into normal mode once Labour Day passes. Vacations are mostly over, kids are back to school, new TV shows start to pop up on screens and everyone is tired of the Olympics.


It’s a time of new everywhere and that is what is stoking most of the fires for our month.

Here are just a few of the events happening in September and even a few in October because, well it will all be a blur by then.

Tired of my crying yet?

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Brother vs. Brother: Dawn Of Justice


Not Fair!

I never got one.

Why did he get one and I didn’t?

Hey I never got to go first yet?

Your breakfast smells.

That’s’ my book.

Do these phrases sound familiar parents?

In our house these and more are yelled out daily and in varying degrees of anger, sadness and bitterness.

It’s just part of the war of words in the great battle of siblings and in our case, brothers.

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Some Months Really Kick You In The Parental Ass


Hey April, happy to not see you again for another 51 weeks. You were a challenge to say the least. Let me enjoy your good friend May instead.

The month of April this year was a tiring one for me. So many ups and downs. So many things draining my energy mentally and physically. It has taken the first week of May to digest it all and actually write about it.

Yes it was only 30 days, but a lot was packed into the 720 hours available.

Before I go into each, here is just a taste of what happened.

  • Wife was away for 12 days. Lot’s of solo parenting.
  • Bank account was hacked.
  • Oldest kept hurting himself at school – ie. calls home.
  • Youngest had to go to doctor to be allowed back in daycare.
  • Had to take care of a really silly parking ticket.
  • Had to deal with an overdue bill from previous home owner.
  • My dad had a stroke, had to go home to Sarnia for five days.
  • Youngest wiped poop all over bathroom.
  • Had to find two different babysitters.
  • Snow. Yes, what the hell.
  • Sick kids crawling into your bed.
  • Holding in the desire to sell the boys when they pushed me to my limits.
  • All the usual things – school drop off/pick up, homework, dinners, cleaning etc. etc.
  • Screwing up Kraft Dinner.

I am sure I am even forgetting things because I blacked out now and then.

Making a list of it all does not really seem all that bad. But each took a lot of time, a lot of brain power and a lot of dad patience.

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