They Grow Up So Fast

I was scrolling through my Instagram photos yesterday and basically went down a rabbit hole for 35 minutes. It’s amazing to see how your kids grow and change through pictures.

Two really stood out to me and I wanted to share.

Two shots of Harry walking into his future.

Seems like I need to do a series of these right?

Stop growing up so fast!

Kodak Moments App Makes It Easier To Print Photos

I have been taking digital photos for well over 10 years and I don’t think I have deleted any of them. I have USB sticks, external drives, CD-ROMS, several clouds and memory cards on the go, all full of photos.

Photos of my life. Food, pets, kids, moments, silly things and everything in between. I don’t look at them, I store them so I have them one day. But does that day ever come? Jim Gaffigan does a bit in his standup about this and he is spot on. We are digital photo hoarders.

30 years ago, a photo was precious because it was actually work to take it. You only had so much film and the cost that went with it. So you wanted every photo to be amazing.

With the age of digital, one thing that many of us have left behind is actually displaying photos for people to actually seen. Not on a computer, a phone or even one of those silly digital picture frames. No, I mean printing it out, putting it in a frame and displaying it so that memory is part of your day.

I have thousands and thousands of photos that I would call good. But if you look around my house, you don’t see any. That’s just not fair to my talents for capturing the moment.

It’s time I get back into printing photos and being creative in how they are displayed out in the open.

It’s time to showcase an amazing photo how they did 50 years ago.

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Photo Of Day – Mad Chax Fury Road

I have yet to see Max Mad Fury Road, but from all of the social messages I have read, it seems it can be referred to as a hit. Well a hit in terms of ultimate eye candy. I try not to read reviews but it’s hard not to take a look when everyone on your feed is going on about how jaw-dropping it is.

So since I can’t weigh in, I might as well have some fun with a photo I took of Charlie on the weekend.

Here is the photo. Charlie enjoying a quiet drive in the back alley. No big kids to mess with. No traffic jams going to the cottage. Just peace and quiet.


Now here is Charlie joining the Fury Road.


Have you seen the movie? Care to give a review in the comments? I hear you have to do it in ALL CAPS.

Good Morning Photo – Sunny Day

Good morning everyone. Clocks jumped ahead over the weekend and while it was tough to get out of bed, seeing the sun beaming through the trees like this on the walk to school is great. Spring is close.

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What a great morning.#toronto #herecomesspring

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Stay tuned until tomorrow. I will be featuring Instagram shots each morning.

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Halloween Photos From The Past

As we get set for Halloween this Friday, I wanted to post some photos of what the kids have dressed up in the past. This year should be the most fun to date as both boys are in full understanding of what it means to go door to door and say trick or treat. Okay, Charlie will probably just stick to his “more” style, but he does not say that much yet.

Stay tuned to the Instagram page for more on this year’s costumes.

Halloween Photo Montage 

As you can see, what have gotten a lot of use out of that tiger suit. What are some of the classic costumes your kids have worn?