Holiday Gift Ideas: Cool Gadgets For Dad


For those of you who have started Christmas shopping already, good for you. I have not even thought of it. I mean there is still Halloween candy everywhere.

But for those eager folks who like to lock it down before December, I wanted to share two items that I have been testing out.

They are from TP-Link and are perfect for the Dad who likes gadgets that mix well with his Smartphone.

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Drowning In A Sea Of Christmas “Stuff”

The calendar has flipped, the apples have dropped and all I can see around me at home is the wasteland that was Christmas 2014. A tree with the lights off, random toys everywhere, piles of chocolate hidden on shelves and the giant amount of packaging piled up in the corner.

All of the “stuff” lying around our house was a byproduct of an excellent Christmas and New Year’s for our family.

If you ask our 5-year old son, you would think he did not get anything from Santa. Toy after toy goes from the best ever, to another thing that takes up space on the floor. I don’t want you to think he is ungrateful, because deep down I don’t think he is. He just does not get what it means to be grateful and actually appreciate the things he is given.

But how can he? Every day over the holidays he gets something else from someone. Whether it be school, friends, relatives, family and of course Santa. It is never-ending.

I mean, his TV life is already on demand, and over the period of Christmas, getting “stuff” almost seems what is supposed to happen.

He is 5, he has time and I think we will do our best to make him appreciate how lucky he is. Without sounding like my parents, there are kids all over the world who would do anything for a tenth of what our kids have.

So it is with no surprise that as the time of giving ends, he gets bored quicker and quicker with what normally would be awesome gifts.

If we were to hold out on Grimlock, his main gift and give it to him in February,  with no other toys, it would become all-consuming for him.

But as of this morning one of the hottest toys for boys in 2014, is stuff under the bed, waiting to stomp and roar another day.

The next few days, we will start the process of cleaning up all the Christmas “stuff” but until them, it’s all about appreciated the time we all got to spend together.

Being back in Ontario we were lucky enough to spend time with a lot of family without any planes, trains or automobiles.

That to me is what the holidays are all about. That and seeing the absolute joy on a child’s face when they race out of their room to see if Santa came. That never gets old.

Holiday Themed Q and A


Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you get to spend some time with family and friends and that Santa is good to everyone.

It has been a few weeks since I last wrote and I wanted to answer a few common questions I have been getting.

The new job has been awesome and it already feels like I have settled in. 2015 is going to a lot of fun as I help grow the marketing of an up and coming tech company.

Let’s get to the questions.

Q1: Now that you are working are you still going to blog?

A1: Yes, yes and yes. I know I have been absent from the Like A Dad scene, but I have no intentions of shutting it down. To be honest, I am never close to my computer anymore and when I am, I don’t feel like writing. I will get back into it in the new year. I have a lot of stories to share.

Q2: Did you ever get that shirt you wrote about?

A2: No, I did not. The joke of a company was unable to figure out how to do simple ecommerce and get it delivered to my house. Oh well, I would suspect they go out of business.

Q3: How are the boys?

A3: They are both great. They are both loving their time away from home whether it be school or daycare. We really lucked out and could not be more pleased. Hard to imagine a few months ago we were so worried about finding quality care close to home.

Q4: Will North Korea target your blog?

A4: Probably not.

Q5: What are you doing for Christmas?

A5: It is our first Christmas back in Toronto and that means a lot of family time that does not involve a plane. It will be a lot of fun and still be relaxing. I hope you are all getting to do the same.

Q6: Any fun plans over the holidays?

A6: My sister is visiting, we have some World Junior tickets, a night out with my wife and whatever we do for New Year’s. I can’t wait to enjoy it all.

Q7: What was your biggest highlight of 2014?

A7: Easily the move from Halifax. I think our family pulled it off beautifully without any major problems. Again, it is amazing to think where our life was at this time last year and where it is now. A lot can happen in a few months.

Q8: What do you miss about Christmas in Halifax?

A8: A lot of things. But the one that keeps popping into my head is the ease of driving into Bayers Lake to get shopping done. I know that sounds crazy but I miss that quiet feeling of being out there.

Q9: How is 2015 looking?

A9: So good. Now that we are both working and have things settled on living and child care, all that is ahead is fun. We have some trips planned, the boys are getting into sports and there is always the Toronto Raptors winning the NBA title. Ha. Dreaming I guess. The summer has a family wedding and hopefully some visiting with friends.

Q10: Which kid are you doing tonight?

A10: Sorry that is a common internal question when it comes to bedtime. That will also be changing once they are in the same room. I wonder how that will go. Stay tuned.

Happy holidays from everyone at Like a Dad.

I Think We Are All Ready For Christmas

No more trips to the store please. I think we now live in Bayers Lake (which is where all the stores are for those who don’t live here).

Today we went out for a few more things and I think we are done. The only trip left is one of the most important, the Christmas Eve run to the liquor store.

We need beer and wine to fully enjoy the week I think.

It was feeling like we would never get caught up. Last week I was definitely worrying about getting everything done. But short of wrapping gifts, I think we made it.

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Video: Heineken Carol Karaoke

Ah the holidays. A time for celebrating with family and drinking beer while singing carols. Wait? Really? Sure why not.

You know what beer I prefer when belting out the classics?


It is one of my favourite beers and if I have enough of them, I would probably sing whatever Christmas jingle you requested.

If you want to see other beer fans sing a few songs, Heineken gave a few lucky strangers the chance to brave the crowd and belt their favourite holiday carol in front of thousands of strangers.

Now that would take 24 beers for me to do.

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