Holiday Gift Ideas: Cool Gadgets For Dad


For those of you who have started Christmas shopping already, good for you. I have not even thought of it. I mean there is still Halloween candy everywhere.

But for those eager folks who like to lock it down before December, I wanted to share two items that I have been testing out.

They are from TP-Link and are perfect for the Dad who likes gadgets that mix well with his Smartphone.

Holiday Themed Q and A

Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you get to spend some time with family and friends and that Santa is good to everyone. It has been a few weeks since I last…

I Think We Are All Ready For Christmas

No more trips to the store please. I think we now live in Bayers Lake (which is where all the stores are for those who don’t live here).

Today we went out for a few more things and I think we are done. The only trip left is one of the most important, the Christmas Eve run to the liquor store.

We need beer and wine to fully enjoy the week I think.

It was feeling like we would never get caught up. Last week I was definitely worrying about getting everything done. But short of wrapping gifts, I think we made it.

Video: Heineken Carol Karaoke

Ah the holidays. A time for celebrating with family and drinking beer while singing carols. Wait? Really? Sure why not.

You know what beer I prefer when belting out the classics?


It is one of my favourite beers and if I have enough of them, I would probably sing whatever Christmas jingle you requested.

If you want to see other beer fans sing a few songs, Heineken gave a few lucky strangers the chance to brave the crowd and belt their favourite holiday carol in front of thousands of strangers.

Now that would take 24 beers for me to do.

HRM Parent – A Dad’s Life: Christmas Lights

My latest post for HRM Parent was all about how this year my Christmas decorating duties are pretty much all outside. Katie is taking on the indoor decorating and I felt like I needed to give myself some therapy by writing about it.

I wanted to add that since the post was written, the inside of the house has been getting more Christmas like by the day and the outside of the house now has lights.


So please go and read this month’s installment of A Dad’s Life.