The joys of being a parent of a teenager

Being the parent of a teenager can be like riding a rollercoaster that you didn’t know you had a ticket for. One moment you’re ascending, full of hope and admiration for the young adult your child is becoming, and the next, you’re plummeting into the depths of eye rolls and monosyllabic responses. But amidst the chaos, there’s a treasure trove of humour to be found. And let’s be honest, it’s the laughs that make it worth it right? Here are some of the funniest aspects of having a teenager, with a nod to the online community that shares in our collective parenting journey.

Exploring family-friendly activities in Parkdale

Can you believe we are coming up on 8 years of living in Parkdale? It’s crazy how time flies when you are having fun.

For those that don’t know, Parkdale is a neighbourhood in the west end of Toronto and is one of the oldest parts of the city.

This west-end neighbourhood that we call home, boasts a rich immigrant history, with waves of Polish, Afro-Caribbean, Filipino, and Vietnamese immigrants have called it home. Today, Parkdale hosts one of North America’s largest Tibetan expat communities—and if you walk around, has the restaurants to prove it.

Many years ago, Parkdale was a part of the city I rode my bike through as quickly as I could on my way to work. It did not have a great rep. Funny enough, many years later it is where I ended up living. And I am very happy it worked out that way.

Today I wanted to quickly list some family-friendly activities in Parkdale. Whether you have little kids, big kids, or no kids, I think they all work.

Oh how March break has changed

Ever since I became a parent, the concept of March Break came back into my life. When the boys started attending public school, March Break became a huge part of my life. But now that the boys are no longer tiny, March Break is shifting towards more of a Spring Break concept.

Every year, for one week in March, parents of school-aged children scramble for plans. Whether it’s a vacation somewhere, camps, day trips, outings, playdates, time with grandparents, or whatever works, March Break is a bit of a mess for planning parents. Outside of the teachers, the working world doesn’t stop for a March Break, which means using vacation time, planning the work day differently, hiring help, or calling Nana and Papa.

Navigating the hilarious chaos of parental burnout

Parenting is a roller coaster of emotions, from heart-melting moments to the occasional meltdown. While the joys of fatherhood are unparalleled, there’s a side of parenting that often goes unnoticed – parental burnout. Dads, we don’t need Elmo to ask us if we are okay? It’s time to shed light on the comical chaos that comes with being a parent, share a laugh, and perhaps pick up a tip or two on surviving the whirlwind of in my case, fatherhood.

Travel tactics: Mastering the family vacation when you have teens

Embarking on a family vacation with teenagers can sometimes feel like navigating a maze blindfolded. As a parent, you’re torn between excitement for the journey ahead and the inevitable eye rolls and sighs that may accompany your well-intentioned plans.

As we all start to plan our summer vacations, fear not, as I am going to try and lend a helping hand. With a dash of humour, a sprinkle of dad wisdom, and a pinch of patience, you can turn your family vacation into an unforgettable adventure for all.

High school exams

I can’t think of something that worried me more. High school exams. Even today I get anxiety thinking about it. The studying. The stress. The worry. Sure, there was a lot of success, but I don’t envy those who are going through it now or have to in the future.

Why are high school exams of all things on my mind today? Well I have a kid taking his first official high school exam today – math.

First, woof. I have a kid old enough to be taking his first high school exam. That hits hard no matter how you look at it.