High school exams

I can’t think of something that worried me more. High school exams. Even today I get anxiety thinking about it. The studying. The stress. The worry. Sure, there was a lot of success, but I don’t envy those who are going through it now or have to in the future.

Why are high school exams of all things on my mind today? Well I have a kid taking his first official high school exam today – math.

First, woof. I have a kid old enough to be taking his first high school exam. That hits hard no matter how you look at it.

Second. The school year is flying by. It seems like just yesterday our son started high school.

I will say, he did not seem worried or stressed as he left today. He’s been doing really well in math this year, so I think he will do great.

He has been studying all week and if you know him, he’s a pretty calm character.

The part I can’t remember about when I had high school exams is if we had so much time off before the next semester. He will write his one exam today and be off for over a week. That is a lot of sleeping in days.

I seem to recall I still went to school every day, but maybe I am not remembering correctly.

Like I said, one exam and then he is done his first official semester of high school.

It has gone really well. No big issues from transitioning to the big school. In fact our teen has thrived. He has taken to more people and a bigger stage. His friend pool has expanded, while keeping his long time buds.

In case anyone is wondering what our teen would think of me writing about him like this – let’s be real. He’s never looking up a blog to read, especially by his dad. Unless I post it on Tik Tok or IG, he will never be the wiser.

But the real point of today’s post is the continued feeling of getting really old. Having a kid starting high school exams is only one piece.

My Facebook feed is starting to feature people I went to high school with turning 50 They look very old. Then I am like – do I look that old? Oh man.

I am focusing way too much on skin care. Instead of looking in the mirror to check out “my fit” as the kids say, I’m counting wrinkles.

I know, I need to stop stressing it. Everyone gets old. Nobody has defeated aging yet. I need to lean into it more.

I will let you know how it’s going in three years when our youngest kid is also doing his first high school exam. I can’t even.

So I will stop getting sad when I see things like The Sopranos turning 25. I will stop looking at the dark side when the Detroit Lions win a playoff game for the first time since I was a teen.

I will start remembering more of the good things that have peppered the journey instead.

For example, we are days away from the eighth anniversary of moving into our Toronto home. That’s pretty cool.

Thank goodness there isn’t a high school exam about those years. I would have to start studying my Camera Roll pretty quick.

what now friend??