Top 10 Foods To Grill On Big Green Egg


If you follow me on Instagram, you know I love to post photos of my latest Big Green Egg dish. You will also know that 90% of the photos are of meat. I love meat. Smoked or grilled, it doesn’t matter. It all tastes delish thanks to my giant green friend.

I have owned a Big Green Egg for four years and I have pretty much tried everything I want to try to date. The only recipe I want to still test is smoking a full turkey. There has been beef, chicken, pork, eggs, pizza and several veggie dishes to date. There have been some misses, but generally everything I cook on the Egg is a hit. Even our picky kids eat the food.

So without spending much more time getting your mouths watering, here is a little list that chronicles my experiences and my favourite meals to grill on the Big Green Egg.

Top 10 Recipes To Grill On Big Green Egg

10 Meatloaf

Meatloaf may seem like a winter food that brings comfort and warmth. Well that’s true. But turning that same loaf into a smokey summer treat is also a great option. It does not take a lot of work and once it’s on the Egg, you can go do something else.

9 Pizza

Cooking fresh pizza over fire is the best. The Big Green Egg can get heated up to 700 F,  which makes cooking a pizza fast work. It is always a bit of an adventure transferring the fresh dough from the house to the pizza stone but one day we will figure it out. Bottom line, it tastes so damn good.

8 Burgers

Pretty classic choice. I love burgers. Beef, pork, turkey, whatever. My most successful burgers happen in the cast iron pan for some reason. I like there is no chance of anything falling into the depths of the Egg. Smoke sure adds flavour to turkey burgers than can sometimes be kind of flavourless.

7 Potatoes

I love a good potato dish. Roasted wedges, sweet potato fries, baked or cooked in a tasty broth. I have had friends drooling over the potato recipes that cook on the Egg. My personal fave would be roasted wedges with oil, salt and pepper. The only trick with potatoes is making sure they are cooked. I tend to give them a little boil in the house first to get the party started.

6 Pulled pork

One of the best low and slow meals is pulled pork. Get a nice pork butt or shoulder, add several hours of smoke and tasty sauce and it’s the dish that keeps on giving. One tip I give to everyone I can, when pulling the meat, you need to get in there with your hands. Not only does it make the pieces smaller, you can throw out any fatty bits. Trust me.

5 Pork ribs

Ribs are such a treat. I try my best to only do back ribs. But when there is a sale on side ribs I can’t say no. I am still perfecting removing the membrane beforehand, but other than that, ribs are always a hit whether dry or wet. Ribs are best after at least six hours and a good 30 minutes of rest in foil.

4 Corn on the cob

Have you ever smoked corn? It’s the best. Open each husk and clear out the stringy stuff. Close the husks back up, wrap in some twine and soak them for a few hours. Then smoke them for an hour on low. Peel back husks, add some lime or butter and serve. Or you can throw them on the direct grill for those who like a little char.

3 Chicken wings

The clear winner in our house when polling the whole family is chicken wings. Mostly because the boys love to eat chicken with their hands. Also, it’s the easiest dish to make a lot of. I have a three-tiered shelf for maximum cooking. I prefer to put them in dry rub the night before and splash them in sauce with about 30 minutes left in cooking.

2 Ham

I love to go HAM on the Big Green Egg. I never thought it would be such a winner, but among family and friends it has become legendary. So much so, it’s a Christmas and Easter staple. Smokey and juice ham. Inexpensive and feeds everyone for a week. For best results try to brine it in some hard alcohol.

1 Brisket

The grand daddy for anyone who smokes meat. It’s the ultimate process and fun. 12 plus hours and several steps to make it perfect. It’s also a very special occasion dish as a quality brisket can cost near $100. But the two times I have done it, it was ridiculous. So tender. You get the burnt ends, the thin slices and everything else that comes with the dinner. It can turn into sandwiches, chili and even a side for brunch. Just look at that beast below.

Honourable mentions

Steak – How did steak not make the Top 10. The Egg is great for steak as you can cook at a high heat to get that perfect medium rare. Melt on a crust of blue cheese. Yes, you are welcome.

Beer can chicken – One of my first cooks on my Egg. The chicken is incredibly moist. Best way to cook a whole bird is the beer can chicken method.

Asparagus – My fave veg on a grill. Soak it in oil or butter ahead of time. Add salt and pepper and get each piece a little charred.

Chicken thighs – I don’t really like chicken thighs unless they are cooked low and slow. They are very similar to wings, just more meat. Plus chicken thighs are always a cheap option at the grocery store.

Sausages – Quick and simple dinner. If you can get homemade from a butcher, even better. Grill marks are a must for tasty sausages.

Breakfast – My wife was not as big a fan as I was, but it’s fun to use a plank. Eggs on an Egg. Can’t beat that.

What is your favourite meal to cook on your Big Green Egg or BBQ? Would love to hear or even see photos or a recipe.

Happy grilling.