All Dads & Grads Need A JumPack When On The Road

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cobra for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have a confession to make. I am not a car guy. I have never been that interested in cars other than driving them from point A to point B. There I said it.

I have never changed a tire or tricked out my ride in any way. When something breaks, I call someone to fix it. I did change a few light bulbs before, but that’s it.

That is why when I am driving, or my wife is out with the car, I always have a the tiniest worry of something going wrong and being stuck somewhere.

Stuck without a phone, without power or without the tools needed to get the car going again. I am the guy who chooses not to have jumper cables in the car because then one day it would be proven I don’t know to use them.

But in the age of modern technology it seems silly to have such worry.

Take The Worry Out Of Your Drive

Not when there are car gadgets that do everything you need them to do and don’t give that fear and dread of trying to be a make-shift mechanic on the side of the road.

One such gadget that all dads and grads should have tucked away in their car somewhere is the Cobra JumPack. Sounds pretty cool right?

It’s a handy little Jumpstarter/Portable Power Pack that honestly is the size of your phone.

It’s designed to jumpstart vehicles both large and small, as well as rapidly charges your cell phone, tablet and many other mobile devices. Oh, it’s also a flash light for when you are trying to do all this in the dark.

The device comes with all the wires to charge or use your devices. You can plug directly into a USB slot or the charging slot on your phone. To fully juice it up you simply plug it into the old school cigarette lighter in your car.

What I am impressed with is how fast it charges a device. I first tested it out with my Samsung and it fully charged it in under 20 minutes.

Portable Power Whenever You Need It

But the coolest aspect I like about this device is that it is portable. We have had a power adaptor in the car for years to charge devices but you had to keep it always plugged in and have the car running. Plus it was loud.

The Cobra JumPack is quiet, portable and provides A LOT of power. This must be why it is listed as a best of tech solution for dads and grads.

Now, if your car battery dies (and I hope it never does), you don’t have to wait for a stranger to come along and “jump you”. You take the jumper cable, plug it into the device, clip on to battery and jump away. Once you turn the ignition, your car should be ready to roll once again.

Perfect For Dads And Grads

Who is this great for?

Well, even if your dad is not a car guy like me, they will love this gadget. It would make a great Father’s Day gift, birthday gift or any occasion gift.

Is your teen going to be graduating soon and off to college? Buy one of these and throw it in their car. It will give you great peace of mind even if they just use it to make sure they are always powered to take selfies. This back to school gift is perfect for parent and kid.

It does not replace having your car’s battery fully tested or replaced, but in a pinch it will do the job and get you to where you are going.

During testing I have yet to fully drain the battery. I have charged my phone and other devices numerous times. I will admit I have not had to test the battery jump for real, so I would guess that is what most of the power is saved for.

The green light lets you know when it is on or not and it’s pretty easy to use as there is just the one button.

The Real Value For Me

On a personal note, I feel a lot better with the Cobra JumPack in the car when my wife is out with the kids. She will have no problems or fears using the device as it’s pretty similar to using a phone to hook things up. I truly hope she never has to jump the battery but if she needs to this device is very user-friendly.

The ability to charge devices will be a life saver for all our future car trips with our kids. No more panic when the iPad starts to run out of power with half a movie still to go.

The Quick Details

Don’t feel like reading? Here are the quick points that you need to know about the Cobra JumPack – Tiny but Mighty.

  • You can jump start your car multiple times on one charge.
  • 2.4A USB output for rapid charging of mobile devices.
  • Convenient built-in LED flashlight.
  • Jumper cables included.
  • Very portable and will easily fit in your glove box.

Time to hit the road people. Happy charging.

Need another car gadget for your favourite dad or grad? Check out the Escort Max 360 as well.

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