Classic Post: Pulled Pork On The Big Green Egg

Originally post on The Big Green Cuz in 2012.

I went into the Big Green archives and found this recipe for Pulled Pork with wood sauce. Please enjoy as we will again very soon.

Trip # 7 – Pulled pork with wood’s sauce

The latest adventure was a special one. My father in law (who loves to cook and eat) was visiting from Toronto and he could not wait to experience the Big Green Egg.

Probably the hardest part of the whole thing was picking what to make. We decided on pulled pork.

Saturday morning we headed out to the butcher to get a pig shoulder (bone in) that was about 5 lbs. The perfect size for us.

When we got home we rubbed it down with the basics but nothing much since we did not want to overdo it. Brown sugar, a few spices and that was all.

We got the egg up to 700F just so I could show off haha and then started bringing it down before putting on the soaked wood chips.

Around 350F I put on the chips and let the Egg settle in about 300F before opening up for the meat to go on.

We dropped the pork on around 11:30am and set it at 240F. While it would cook for the next 6 hours, we painted a room in the house, did some shopping, watched soccer and had a nap. All while the BGE did the work.

Just before 6pm we took it off and my father in law did the honours of picking it apart once the meat had settled for 30 minutes.

He used his hands to pull out the fat and tear the meat much more precisely than I have seen before.

Each perfect piece of meat went into a pot that had some warmed up Wood Sauce in it.

Now Wood’s Sauce is locally made by friends of our and it is amazing. I will add the link for you to check it out but it will be hard to get if you are not in Atlantic Canada, it goes fast.

We mixed in the meat and sauce and were all ready.

Add in gooey white buns, a nice slaw and left over baked beans from the last egg adventure and you have an all-star meal.

The pork was a hit. Tasted perfect and the sauce was great as always.

My father in law was in love with both the meat and the sauce and loved his first real taste of the BGE.

In fact he had left over pulled pork the next day and said it tasted even better, even going so far as saying it was the best he can remember having.


We will be doing pulled pork again for sure.


  • 5 lb pork shoulder, bone in
  • brown sugar
  • salt
  • pepper
  • cumin
  • wood’s sauce, or any bbq sauce
  • wood chips soaked for a few hours
  • cook on BGE for 6-7 hours at 200-240F
  • Make sure to cook fat side up.